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Jenni Rivera’s English pop album to be released!


It has only been less than a month since La Diva De La Banda’s unexpected death, but her influence will live on forever and her record company is making sure of it. Since her tragic airplane accident in Mexico, album sales have skyrocketed and Jenny Rivera’s record label is making it clear that they will seize any opportunity to profit off of the hype of Jenny Rivera’s death. Thus, it is not surprising that Rivera’s record company will be releasing her “long lost” English album.

The Rivera family confirmed the buzz in an official statement. They plan on releasing Jenni’s English pop album that was recorded in 2004. Why the album was never released is still unknown.

Jenni Rivera’s father Pedro Rivera said that it was always his daughter’s dream to be on the U.S. pop charts and was happy to know that her dream will soon become a reality. The English album release date is still to be determined, but is expected to be sometime this year.

Without a doubt the English album will be a hit and the public will get a taste of what Jenni Rivera would of offered if she had been given the opportunity to crossover sooner.


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