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Mario and Courtney’s wedding fiesta: To watch or not to watch?

That is a big question. Should you take time out of your busy work week to watch Mario Lopez’s wedding? Well for those of you that go way back to his ‘Saved By The Bell’ days, this is going to be a tough decison. The talented and sexy Lopez will no longer be on the market. Who would want to see that take place? Just kidding! Right?

Well, even for those of us who wish Lopez was still single and ready to mingle, we must accept that he is totally in love with the mother of his child, Courtney Mazza. To her credit, if she was able to steal Lopez’s heart, she is quite a woman!

Like all TLC wedding specials, it would not be worthwhile for them to film if there were not some wedding drama and a happy ending. Watch the trailer for yourself and click here. Then decide if you will tune-in or not.

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Born and raised in southern California to Mexican-American parents, Ces'Ari pronounced Chez-ah-ree, has always had a passion for learning a little bit of everything while maintaining close cultural ties. She graduated the University of California, Irvine with campus wide and political science honors attached to her B.A. in Political Science. The honors titles came from completing a senior thesis on the shared infrastructure between the United States and Mexico. Rather than jumping straight into law school after graduation, she decided to first give back to a community that had similar demographics to her own and thus, joined Teach For America (TFA) and relocated to Arizona during the height of SB 1070 tensions. While in TFA, Ces'Ari earned her M. Ed. in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Science from Arizona State University and completed research on HB 2281, the ethnic studies ban in Arizona. The injustices that the Latino community faces propels Ces'Ari toward furthering her education as a means of gaining a louder voice to speak on behalf of the Latino community. She is currently studying for the LSAT and plans on attending law school in fall 2013. You can find more of Ces'Ari's writing on her personal blog.

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