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A movie where ‘brown’ people are just people? “Give Chase” [video]

Imagine being able to turn on the television, or walk into a movie theater, and seeing people living their fictional lives that look like you. What if Latinos, blacks, Asians — anyone really that is not white — could be featured in the media without being a stereotype?

This is the aim of one project on KickStarater, called “Give Chase,” and it comes from an actor named Adam Laupus. In his video pitch, and on his page, he explains the project thusly:

As an actor and a writer I’ve had the good fortune to work on enough film projects to fall in love with the medium.  But as I started to look deeper into how I fit in this career path, I started to find myself becoming marginalized.  At least the people who looked like me in films–or really any ethnicity other than white–were either the exotic or the fringe or the expendable.  And of all the visual mediums, I found film to be particularly lacking in diversity.

“Give Chase” is the story of a delivery cyclist that ends up in a chase all over New York City. Laupus He notes that his movie is not necessarily about “race” but that he would like to make a movie about people who are “brown” that doesn’t involve them overcoming prejudice, difficulty, or having to note that they are, in fact, not white.

Check out the trailer for his project below, and let us know what you think about this idea of people who are “white,” being able to appear in media without having to fight for it.

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  1. About damn time!

  2. This is implying that Latinos cannot be white. Not fair. Latinos can be of any race and don’t necessarily have to be brown.

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