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Musica Amansa a Las Fieras, or Music Soothes The Savage Beast

By Russell D. Longcore

The human soul seems to be vacant without music. Look at all of the types of music found around the world. Anywhere a person can tap on something and hum a tune, music is found.

Music thrills, relaxes, excites, saddens, irritates. It can calm a crowd or incite a riot. Even babies move to music before anyone teaches them to move. Babies in the womb will move when they hear music.

There are some songs that have such a strong beat that you cannot help but move your body to the music. When I hear Don Omar and Lucenzo’s hit, “Kuduro,” it gets me out on the dance floor! And the ballad, ?Aléjate De Mi by Camila, is very powerful. And who doesn’t like to watch Shakira perform?

Other music often moves me to tears. Samuel Barber’s Adagio For Strings is the saddest music I have ever heard. It starts quietly, almost a steady weeping and builds to a point of pure screaming agony. The voice of the violins reaches a crescendo of height and volume and then stops suddenly, almost like a mourner who sobs uncontrollably until strength leaves and the voice fails. It ends with a phrase of regaining composure and resignation to the loss.

One man’s music is another man’s noise. But everyone has a favorite style of music. You can use this to your advantage if you are on a quest to be a Great Lover.

Music can be very romantic. If you are looking for an idea for a date, you can’t go wrong with a music event. A concert, a theatrical musical, a band at a local bar, an opera…they all make excellent dates. Going to a movie is a toss-up…you might not like the movie. But if you know what type of music she likes, a music event is a sure success. If you are not a strong conversationalist, a music event fills the space and takes the pressure off. After the music event, you can discuss what you liked and what she liked.

My first date with Deborah was a Mary Chapin Carpenter concert in the spring of 1999. See? Music creates strong memories.

Find out your lady’s favorite music early in the dating process. Then you can make her music into great gifts.

You might also consider using music as a yardstick for compatibility. If her music drives you nuts, or she doesn’t like your favorite music, are you really all that right for each other? Sure, she may be the hottest thing you’ve seen lately. But you’ll grow to resent her if you have to turn off your music when she’s around.

Concentrate on great music that brings you together. You’ll turn into a Great Lover.

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