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Sammy Sosa for President

Photo by Paul K. Buck / AFP / Getty Images

Slammin’ Sammy talks about being cheated for cheating:

“Sammy Sosa thinks he and fellow steroid-era baseball star Mark McGwire belong in the Baseball  Hall of Fame.

He also said the Chicago Cubs should retire his number, and he left open the possibility of running for president of the Dominican Republic during an interview Wednesday on the website

Asked if he thinks he or McGwire belong in the Hall, Sosa said: ‘I think so.’

‘I’m not going to come here and say anything that is going to jeopardize my future,’ he added. ‘But definitely time will determine everything. Right now whatever it is, it is. I am not (somebody who) is going to go out there and say anything I don’t want to say. I’m waiting for my time. … I don’t like controversy. Definitely time will determine everything.’ …

Sosa, who finished with 609 home runs and ranks eighth on the all-time chart, received 12.5 percent of the vote. He was among those who tested positive in Major League Baseball’s 2003 anonymous survey, The New York Times reported in 2009. He told a Congressional committee in 2005 that he never took illegal performance-enhancing drugs.”

When asked if we should expect him to run for president of the Dominican Republic, Sammy replied with “You never know.”

I remember the last time I saw Sosa play in Cubs blue at Wrigley. It was like something out of a movie. I sat with my dad and little brother in the upper deck near the right field wall. Dark clouds overhead opened up and began drenching the field. Everyone was waiting for the ump to call the game. That’s when Sammy stepped to the plate. You wouldn’t have been able to see him if he wasn’t so massive. He was like a brown Hercules. One strike, a couple of balls, and then crack! The crowd, already on their feet, let out a roar that rattled the entire neighborhood as Sammy sent a ball sailing out onto Sheffield.

I’ll never forget it. Not even if I tried.

It was upsetting to find out later on that Sammy was on the juice. Taking steroids is cheating, especially in a game as traditional and old-school as baseball. Maybe I’m just a purist that way.

On the other hand, I realize that Sammy may not have hit that ball out of the park if he weren’t on something. That’s one of those catch-22’s.

Anyway, I think Sosa would be an excellent pick to lead the DR. He’s an icon, for sure, inside and outside of the game.

It would be like government on steroids.

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  1. Daniel Ruiz says:

    While he is popular I think he would be a horrible role model for Dominicans, and all Latinos, of African descent. There is nothing sadder than seeing icon chemically alter his hair texture and skin color while simultaneously wearing green contacts to fit societal norms of beauty. That is not someone you want your child looking up to. Maybe that’s just me.

    Now David Ortiz would be interesting. The campaign slogan writes itself.

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