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Seven minutes with Kat DeLuna

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I’ve often heard the phrase “if you give me five minutes I’ll give you the world.” Well in Kat DeLuna’s case she was gracious enough to offer me two extra minutes for a brief look into what’s going in hers after wrapping an appearance at last month’s Urban Works Panel in New York’s Chelsea section. The Bronx born beauty, of Dominican heritage,  sports a soprano vocal range and has been on quite a tear working and traveling to promote her upcoming third album “ViVa Out Loud” across the United States. In July she released her latest Spanish language single “Sobredosis” and in late August she followed that up by premiering her music video for her latest single “Wanna See U Dance (La La La)” on On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

“I was always singing. It wasn’t until the age of three that my parents and everyone found out that I can sing,” DeLuna revealed.  While living in the Dominican Republic she would enter a talent show in her preschool singing a cover version of the 1980 Amanda Miguel classic “El Me Mintio” which would begin her journey towards success in the music industry.  “Singing has always been a part of my life and music is too. I’ve been a little fighter. I’ve always fought for what I’ve wanted.  It’s funny because I always remember setting up my opportunities. And how do you do that? I made sure I went to a performing arts high school instead of a regular one because I knew I had to study music,” DeLuna told me of her early ambitions.

In listening to Kat speak of her early beginnings in the music business one can clearly see that, although she’s a fun loving woman at the age of twenty-five, she conducts herself in a mature fashion. To state the obvious, no manual exists on how to handle one’s life and many who have published their “how to” bibles, have failed. It would be a complete understatement to say that guides to survive the cutthroat nature of the music industry aren’t in existence either. But in my dialogue with Kat, I definitely saw that she has a solid head on her shoulders, which is scarce in the pop world.  She has been crafting her own songs for the better part of eight years and her musical tastes range from the likes of Juan Luis Guerra, Aretha Franklin, Aerosmith, and Destiny’s Child. “I feel that it’s very important as a musician for you to be able to create your own (music). If you don’t put a little of yourself into your music people can tell when something’s not real. And being Latino we don’t only listen to the current song that is actually currently always on the radio. We like to go through history. We like to listen to what our grandmothers were listening to what our parents are listening to and to what we’re listening to,” asserted the multiple award winning songstress.

As for her much anticipated album release DeLuna couldn’t contain her joy when speaking of it. “ViVa Out Loud” is overall Kat’s third full studio album but it’s her sophomore release in the United States market. As for what fans can expect of the record DeLuna declared, “It’s a whole new sound. It still has the elements of pop that is Latin infused. It will definitely have mysterious and beautiful ballads.  At the same time it will have songs that are sonically different. I’m mixing in the British style Dubstep with a funkified pop. I’ll put in my lyrical rhymes and my Latin infused melodies.” In essence what DeLuna is offering her fans is her own musical version of tapas to feast on and enjoy.

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