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Should we cut JLo some slack?

Ok, we all know that celebrities are in demand with the general public and their fans, but what if their fans are international leaders who are involved in heinous crimes against humanity?

This time the outrage is against actress and singer, Jennifer López, who sang Happy Birthday to Turkmenistan leader during a show.

Entertainers of all sorts get invited to perform in random places around the world, even get invited to places that we have never even heard of.

Why is it that we are making such a big deal about this? Can it be that, as an audience, we should be more considerate to looking at our entertainers and making them accountable for what they promote and endorse?

Jennifer  is not taking matters into her own hands by addressing the issue head on, but is rather allowing her people to take over this crisis communication matter. Her people are saying that they were unaware of any of the accusations of human rights.

If J. Lo did know or if she was truly unaware of the situation she was in, the dilemma is this, should people that are in the public eye be held responsible for whom they choose to perform for?

To cut the singer some slack, there are others who have also been known to do the same, such as Usher, Beyoncé, Nelly Furtado, 50 Cent, and Mariah Carey.

At this point, she is having her public relations people handle this crisis communication dilemma she is involved in, but the question that must be dealt with is if artists should be considerate of the political situations around the world.

Entertainers are just that, individuals who are in the public’s eye to entertain us, be it through singing, acting or even just being pretty to look at. Should we as audiences have them be responsible for more than just a pretty face or voice?

To give the dear J.Lo some slack, it may be that she really had no idea of what was going on and that she was merely obliging someone’s request, yet it is still causing a firestorm on the web. Should celebrities be held to a higher standard where they must be at least aware of more than just their own enterprises?

What should be more pressing is that Miss López is one of the most admired and powerful Latinas, she has a lot of pressure out there in the media. What we must remember is that at times like this,  these issues are serious and that celebrities will be held accountable.


By Being Latino Contributor, Zafiro Telles

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