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Sofia Vergara to star as a lesbian in new film

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Sofia Vergara is undoubtedly a beautiful Latina woman. To enhance her hourglass figure, Sofia is known to wear form fitting clothes. Well, nothing has changed! She will be starring in John Turturro’s lastest film, Fading Gigolo…, as nothing other than her traditional role –  a fiery hot woman. The only twist in this film is that she happens to be a fiery hot lesbian!

So who will be her lesbian lover? The beautiful Sharon Stone will be joining Sofia on screen. Click here to see pictures snapped of the two ladies working their bodies on set in New York.

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  1. hahaha, yes. I think you men will be VERY interested in this one.

  2. Very disappointed is what I am! Sofia a lesbian? ay, ya, yay!

  3. Okay, she is not too sexy for this role; I went to an all girl school; half of the Lesbians were gorgeous the other half were boy-like. Good luck Sofia!! Peace & Love

  4. Tasty! Bringing new meaning to the soft taco. Is that too much?

  5. (y) Excelente! (Y)

  6. Regardless of gender preference the woman is a hot tamale…

  7. Lo que hacen las actrices por dinero y fama. Ridicula!

  8. What a stupid whore! She does anything for a buck.

  9. But she is Columbian…..but of course, what else is expected? Trash.

  10. Not sure why everyone’s in an uproar that an actress is playing a lesbian role. She’s an actress and should play whatever character she wants. But what’s with the “… two ladies working their bodies on set in New York” line?

  11. Uh oh, here comes the fake outrage and moral panic. And Dakota: you are literally too stupid to insult.

  12. And Lucy: correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t actresses paid to — I don’t know — act? As in act in any role they so choose?

  13. She Colombian, nt Columbian duh!! <3

  14. I agree with Libby. Shouldn’t this story cover her as a Latina Artist? Her body and figure was mentioned quite a few times, nothing of her talent. Shame…

  15. Oh, I love John Torturro.

  16. Wow Dakota. Playing the role of a lesbian makes her a whore and being Colombian makes her trash. Ignorance makes you an idiot.

  17. Ignorance!

  18. I meant on the homophobia comments and putting a respectable actress down just because she is aching in a certain role! Dumb ass people get life

  19. @dakota watch ur mouth…learn how to spell tonta!

  20. Am for this only if she plays a lip stick lesbo. If not and she goes the bull dyke way no way all bets are off! Is she doing this to put forward Obama’s agenda?

  21. BTW, I am a lesbian too!

  22. Damn Sophy dont do it

  23. Will they be handing out thermal protective goggles at the theaters? My eyes are going to instantaneously incinerate after seeing their love scene 3:)

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