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Some Latin flavor has been added to Fifty Shades of Grey

David Edwards,

David Edwards,

Victor Rasuk, a Dominican-American actor, has joined the cast of the potentially  successful, erotic romance movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”. But what do we know about him? Well The 29 years old actor was on the series  “How to make it in America” where he played Cam Calderon. He’s also acted in movies such as “Stop-Loss”, “El Jefe”,  “Che”, “Lord of Dogtown” and most recently “Jobs” as Bill Fernandez.

Victor will be playing the role of Jose, the photographer and classmate of Anastasia, who wants more than just a friendship, which makes him a rival for Grey.  He starts filming in a couple of weeks and I personally can’t wait to see this!

Despite all of the attention he’s been getting, he still a humble guy. “I don’t throw up anymore but I still get the jitters, and I’m starting to really feel it for Season Two now that I’m doing press for it (How To Make It In America). I like the feeling of getting nervous because it lets me know that I’m not jaded.” Victor said to

That’s not it! He already finished filming Godzilla, an action and adventure movie that will be release on May 2014 (before Fifty Shades of Grey), so make sure you check this Latino’s work as a sneak peek.


By Being Latino Contributor, Mirella Chunga

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