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Could 2012 be Mariano Rivera’s Last Year?

Mariano RiveraSay it ain’t so, Mo’.

At a press conference yesterday at the beginning of Spring Training, Yankees closer and all time saves leader Mariano Rivera made a few cryptic comments about his future in professional baseball.

“”I know now,” the New York Yankees closer said. “I just don’t want to tell you. I know now. I will let you guys know when I think I should tell you.”

Rivera, now 43, has often stated that he would elect to retire well before his skills being to deteriorate, meaning that he wants very much to go out while he is still on top. Even as he begins his 20th major league season, Rivera remains the pre-eminent closer in the sport, posting a 1.91 ERA and 44 saves last season. If he is looking to go out on top, this year might provide him with his best chance, as the Yankees have bolstered their starting rotation with former Mariners phenom Michael Piñeda and free agent pick up Hiroki Kuroda.

Time will tell for Mariano Rivera, but regardless of his decision, it is clear that the Hall of Fame and baseball history await.

Read more at ESPN New York.

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  1. had a great run, best closer ever !! will be greatly missed !!

  2. NNOOOOoooo! I really hope not, but….

  3. good.

  4. but how cud u say dat? hes lookn jus as gud as he always was. he still got it nd shows no sign of slowing dwn

  5. Greatest relief pitcher of all-time!


  7. Best closer I hope it’s not but if it is he will be Trully missed

  8. I am so sad :(

  9. Hope Nat!!


  11. Does “being Latino” ever post anything soccer related looking at Latinos?

  12. It will be a sad day for Yankees fans, that’s for sure. As a fan, I plan on enjoying the season before I deal with this. I’m still too heart broken over Jorge Posada retiring to even think about this. Mariano Rivera is not only a great ball player but an amazing person. Him and his wife set-up the Mariano Rivera Foundation to help underprivileged children. He has always been humble about his accomplishments and he always puts the team before his own ego.

  13. Hope so then thr Yankees will really suck!

  14. One of the classiest players in the last 20 years. Thanks for everything. We will all miss you… Unless you decide to stay, Which would be AWESOME!!!!!

  15. @ Salvatore. We will be, no worries.

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