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Dos Santos loses his opponent, Miami loses home opener

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Welcome back to another exciting edition of Being Latino Deportes! We had a short hiatus last week while we were ‘April Fooling’ (sorry Mets fans), but we’re back with all the sports action that you missed.

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Overeem questionable – dos Santos to face mystery opponent.
The fate of the much hyped and promoted UFC 146 was cast into doubt this week, as Alistair Overeem confirmed what could be easily seen with the naked eye – testing positive for steroids. Overeem was slated to fight Junior dos Santos in a highly anticipated heavyweight bout. Overeem must now await consequences from the Nevada Athletic Commission, who will ultimately determine if he will compete. It was confirmed that Junior dos Santos will be fighting in the event, but it is yet unknown if he will face Overeem or another opponent. So odds are, they’re not just going to let dos Santos have the win. Shame.

The Miami Marlins open their new home with a loss to the St.Louis Cardinals.
The new-look Miami Marlins opened their new home in Little Havana, Marlins Park, with a loss to the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals. The state-of the art ball park was just as big an attraction. The goal of the stadium design was to make a stadium that was distinctly Miami in nature, reflecting the bright and Latino nature of the city. The new home of the Marlins boast lime green walls, a tropical fish tank back stop, and perhaps the gaudiest home run feature that ever existed. Jose Feliciano performed a rousing version of the National Anthem, and the great Muhammad Ali was present for the first pitch.

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All this fanfare was fruitless, as the Cardinals dominated the Fish for the majority of the game, as Kyle Lohse held the Marlins to no hits over seven innings. There was some doubt how the Cards would perform in light of the departure of star first baseman Albert Pujols. The Angry Birds put those fears to rest, as Carlos Beltran, Rafael Furcal, and the new lineup contributed four runs and thirteen hits.

Stay tuned, sports fans – we’ll be back next Friday with more sports action.

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