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Manny-ball, Lin-ation, and quick hits

Happy Friday, sports fans! With the close of another week, let’s take a look into the world of sports…

It’s been reported that the Oakland Athletics are close to signing notorious free-agent slugger and dreadlock enthusiast Manny Ramirez to a minor-league deal. For those that may not remember, Ramirez’s latest return to baseball was marred by a positive test for performance enhancing drugs. Rather than serve his league mandated 50 game suspension, Ramirez declined his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays, opting to enter semi-retirement while he looked for a new team.

Some are surprised that A’s manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt’s real life Moneyball counterpart) would be willing to take such a gamble on an aging ball player. Ramirez still needs to serve a 50 game suspension, and likely won’t be ready to play until late May. The Athletics are also entering a ‘rebuilding’ mode, having shed some of their major league talent this offseason in return for prospects. If Oakland is looking to be competitive in the near future, it may not be the best idea to have young talent looking up to a player notorious for lazy play.

All He Does is Lin…

This wouldn’t be a valid sports publication unless we mentioned the meteoric rise of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. The Knicks have won seven games in a row since starting the surprise phenom, and now fans are excited to see how the team performs with the re-addition of Amare Stoudemire from bereavement leave and Carmelo Anthony from the disabled list. New York plays the hapless New Orleans Hornets tonight and host the reigning champion Dallas Mavericks on Sunday. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Lin, ‘Melo, and Stat extend their streak to 8 against the Hornets, but it will be interesting to see how they perform against a high caliber squad like the Mavericks.

Being Latino Deportes – Quick Hits

A sad day for Mets fans, as beloved catcher and hall of famer Gary Carter loses his battle with cancer.

UFC welterwieght Diego Sanchez lost his bout against Jake Ellenberger in Nebraska.

Stay tuned next week, as MLB pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. We’ll be previewing the 2012 season as the teams report to camp…

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