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Mayweather and Cotto square off, and Pujol’s new contract can’t buy a hit

As another week draws to a close, let’s take a look into the world of Latino sports…

Boxing Gloves

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‘Ring Kings’ to fight this Saturday…

Many of you reading this are hotly anticipating tomorrow’s title fight between Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather. The long standing rivals are set to compete for the WBA Welterweight title, pitting a perfect and near perfect record against each other in what is supposed to be most acclaimed fights in recent history.

Anyone with HBO can testify to the constant ‘Mayweather vs. Cotto’ specials that seem to be playing once an hour. We get it – there’s going to be a big fight. What is interesting about this matchup is that despite all the hype and attention it is receiving, bettors are overwhelmingly in favor of Mayweather as the victor. So Miguel Cotto, the owner of a 37-2 record, is now is being looked over completely in this fight. So even though safe money is on Pretty Boy Floyd, let’s hope Cotto can surprise the world, giving us a good fight and a Latino victory as well.

Where’s the power, Pujols?

BaseballAfter signing a monster contract and packing his bags for California, Albert Pujols has now completed his first full month as a Los Angeles Angel – and the results are anything but spectacular. He is the owner of a .208/.252/.539 stat line, which is indicative of someone who is simply not hitting and getting on base less than a quarter of the time. What is alarming to some fans is the fact that Pujols, who is supposed to be a modern day baseball legend, has yet to hit a home run in his new uniform.

What does this bode for the superstar first baseman? It’s hard to say. Some could credit his measly showing as an adjustment to American League pitching. The AL is ‘allegedly’ the superior league, but I don’t think this kind of comparison holds any weight. The Angels are in the AL West where, Texas Rangers notwithstanding, the teams aren’t very good. The lack of power he has displayed is certainly alarming, if only because of his age, but it shouldn’t last forever. Look for Pujols to pick things up in May, and especially once interleague play begins and he faces some of his former opponents. Fantasy baseball players might also be well served by trading low while he is in the slump, in hopes of dominating later.

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  1. Mayweather has this fight, Mayweather is the best fighter right now and the man is unstoppable. I have never been a fan of Cotto.

  2. Cotto will prob lose cause May is too fast but he isn’t the best fighter…when he gives Pac 50/50 on the purse he’ll get beat

  3. Boriqua has to “Kick Some A**” :)

  4. Rooting for Cotto but it’s gonna look rough for him. Mayweather is on a whole other level.

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