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Sanchez gets Tebow’ed and Mississippi enforces a stereotype

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This was a doozy of a week in the sports world, ladies and gentlemen – let’s jump right in.

Sanchez gets Tebow’ed!

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The biggest story this week is the almost inexplicable, nearly universally hated by fans, trade of Denver Broncos “quarterback” Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. This is a trade that from the outside seems okay…until you consider a young quarterback named Mark Sanchez. That guy has kind of made a home here, bolstered by the fact that New York extended his contract earlier this year. Not to mention the Jets just recently signed Detroit Lions cast-off Drew Stanton explicitly to be Sanchez’ back up. There’s even rookie QB Greg McElroy, who sat on the sidelines while Sanchez struggled through most last season.

I see this as a publicity stunt, pure and simple. The Jets already had something of a logjam at the quarterback position, and even though McElroy was the odd man out, going forward with Sanchez and Stanton didn’t seem like a terrible idea. Now New York has a struggling if capable quarterback in Mark Sanchez and a needlessly popular, but overall not good quarterback that runs an offense contradictory to what the Jets have in place. I’d like to go ahead and congratulate the New England Patriots, as they might as well begin the season 2-0, just because of this terrible trade.

Where’s your band scholarship?

Photo by MaksImages

How’s your March Madness bracket? If you’re anything like me, it’s probably in bad shape, as this past week was marked with surprise wins and upsets. Anyone telling you they are still perfect either doesn’t know what they’re doing or they’re lying – plain and simple.

On the opening day of the tournament, Kansas University point guard and native Puerto Rican Angel Rodgriquez was greeted with chants of “Where’s Your Green Card?” by the Southern Mississippi pep band.

First off, way to go Mississippi! Way to not enforce negative racist stereotypes about your state. Nice Job!

KU finished off Southern Miss. 70 to 64, with Rodriguez contributing 13 points (nice going, kid). The band racists were quickly identified, being cut from the band, sent to counseling and having their pep band scholarships revoked.

You didn’t read that wrong, their pep band scholarships were taken away. Meaning that in Mississippi, they will pay for your education if you can belt out ‘Louie Louie’ on tuba during home games. And I thought my bracket was messed up.

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  1. Bringing Tebow to the Jets makes no sense whatsoever; they were all set for this year, and now they’re bringing an overrated quarterback to play every few Sundays. Any hopes for “Timsanity” will be dashed very quickly.

  2. Hello! Dumb Asses! Puerto Ricans are US Citizens. They should at least be smart enough to insult correctly. If the player was Mexican at least it would have made sense.

  3. This makes sense from a business perspective. Tebow is a very polarizing character. He’s gonna get some butts in the seats and the attention will go from the Giants to the Jets in the NY newspapers, if at least temporarily. When it comes to football, I agree with you, Bryan. Even the most fairweather football fans questioned this move. The only reason I see this happening is to create some competition. This is gonna light a fire under Sanchez behind and he’ll be forced to play like his job depended on it. Same will go for Tebow. He started last year, no way he’s gonna be benched and take it lightly. Personally, I think it would have been better if he went to one of the Florida teams. The guy is a god out there and it would have been a win/win situation. Until the season began. LOL!

  4. I’m interested in seeing how the season will pan out for, both, the Broncos and the Jets. I really, really, really, REALLY like Tim Tebow even though I don’t agree with his religious views. The Jets are a hot mess and I think it is funny many Jets fans are crying out in horror that now their franchise ‘is ruined’ by the addition of Tebow. Um, you’re the Jets, being ruined is what you do? Those are the same people, though, that will be quick to turn on Sanchez and chant “Tebow! Tebow!” at the first game won that can be attributed to something Tebow did.

  5. Did I mention how much I really like Tim Tebow? ((drools))

  6. So true Karina. All my Jets’ fan friends were flipping out like the season was already over. I think the good outweighs the bad with that move though. Still not a move I would have made, but I do understand the motives behind it.

  7. BTW, the Broncos are automatic contenders in their division. Anyone that lands a QB like Peyton Manning has already improved greatly. Not saying they’ll win a chip, but they’ll be in the mix for the next couple of seasons.

  8. At the very least maybe he will bring something positive to that blackhole know as the Jets lockerroom.

  9. Yeah, if anything he’ll bring them together. Lord knows they need it. Seems like they were all throwing each other under the bus last year.

  10. Yup.

  11. Let’s face the facts, players out of USC don’t transition easily into to the NFL, the last few years we had Reggie Bush and Matt Lionart (whatever his last name is) practically go bust in the pros.

    Also NY fans, and the NY Press are all asswholes. In NYC, you’re only as good as you last game. Sanchez took the team to the championship to seasons in a row, but they forgot that and, crucify him for one bad season. Tim will be treated no different, the second those loses pile up and those passes are over thrown people will be crying for his head too. I love the JETS, but that’s just the way their fans are

  12. The only asshole is the person that generalizes an entire group of people by calling an entire fan base assholes. I give you exhibit A aka Oliver.

  13. Very true about the NY fanbase.

  14. C’mon Karina. Don’t fall into that either. You pay good money to see your team play, you expect to see them play hard. If you get paid an obscene amount of money and you play like crap, you deserve to get booed. Most of that money is coming from the fans. How is that being an asshole? Don’t you call customer service when a product you paid good money for isn’t working properly?

  15. You guys are from Texas. Im hoping you guys aren’t Cowboys fans, because that would be the pot calling the kettle black.

  16. Nelson- I missed your Broncos comment. They were contenders last year, without Manning, they could have easily done it again this year without him. To be quite frank, when there were talks that Peyton Manning was considering the Cardinals, I felt ecstatic. I wanted him! When he didn’t choose us, however, I felt relief. I don’t know, he truly was an amazing QB for the Colts for a long time, I say was because he hasn’t played. However, I think the Colts know something the rest of us don’t. If he still had it in him, they would not have cut him loose. I wish him a good season, but if he doesn’t have one, I won’t be surprised. And if the Broncos don’t make it to the Super Bowl (again) I will be the first to say “HA HA!” John Elway, and his ego, rub me the wrong way.

  17. Not a fan of Elway either. I think the Colts just wanted to start fresh. Manning has a few good yrs left in him, but do you choose to go with Manning, who has 3 to 5 good yrs left in him, or with Luck, who has has a bright future ahead of him, giving the Colts a good 10 to 15 yrs of competing in their division. The Colts made a reasonable move. I think he can make a huge impact on whatever team he’s on, if not for his on field prowess, then it’s for his leadership capabilities. I say the Broncos battle it out for the Division and reach the second round of the playoffs.

  18. I say he hurts his neck, John Elway chokes on a carrot, the Cardinals win the Super Bowl, and Larry Fitzgerald and I ride off into the sunset together, madly in love. Yup, sounds about right.

  19. All are a possibility, except for a Cards SB. Sorry! LOL!

  20. Curse you!!!!!! I shake my fists at thee!

  21. Kevin Kolb is a bum, but maybe the universe will look kindly to us this season and Skelton becomes a hero. Wouldn’t that be nice? We came close once (haha, ONCE) maybe we’ll do it again. Have a little faith.

  22. Ive invested all my faith in my Giants. All that’s left over is going to my Mets. Kill me before the season starts, please.

  23. bang, bang.

  24. p.s. I just reread this thread, my comment about the ny fanbase was in regards to his point about Sanchez. I was not agreeing that all fans in the state are assholes. Lol.

  25. and who is from Texas?

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