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Pablo Escobar: The TV series

What do you think of when you hear the name Pablo Escobar? Probably the usual: Colombian drug lord, cocaine kingpin, ruthless killer. Some of us have heard the name, but don’t know much about his life, while others know exactly who he was and what he did. But, the story of those who confronted him remains untold, until now.

Pablo Escobar

Caracol network’s new series on Monday nights, Escobar, el Patrón del Mal, is about the life of this famous criminal, but it also focuses on the brave people who stood up to him. It makes sense, since the scriptwriters, Camilo Cano and Juana Uribe, are actually children of Escobar’s victims: Cano’s father, who was editor of the newspaper El Espectador, was murdered in 1986 under Escobar’s orders, and Uribe’s mother, a prominent journalist, was held hostage for seven months. Uribe’s uncle, presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan, was also murdered by order of Escobar in 1989.

The show, which is based on the book by Alfonso Salazar, “La Parábola de Pablo”, is different in that it doesn’t praise him or put him on a pedestal, as some shows tend to do when discussing his rise to power. Instead, it shows him as the merciless criminal that he was, his tendencies to manipulate and deceive portrayed even in the brief childhood scenes shown in the first episode.

If you’ve always heard the name but never fully understood the reign of terror that Pablo Escobar held in Colombia for 20 years, this show can definitely help fill you in.

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  1. Daniel Ruiz says:

    What is with people wanting to only make movies of Latino criminals or revolutionaries? Sweet baby Jesus, it is as if no film will be made about Latin America without a minimum of 10 bullets being shot and or one explosion.
    Just once can we have a movie which shows a character using compassion in everyday life? I suggest a film on Rafael Cordero. A self taught educator in Puerto Rico who brought education to the masses regardless of their income or race.

  2. wow

  3. Maybe.

  4. yes

  5. I will. No matter what your opinion is about Mr Escobar, he made a huge impact on Colombia. My mom won’t be happy that I’m watching the show

  6. And we complain when people look down upon Latinos & and create stereotypes then this…I hope it’s funny like Scarface was hilarious. And it was super hilarious!

  7. At least they will not be making Escobar a hero! That’s good.

  8. Nope. There are already too many NEGATIVE depictions of latinos on TV. This only helps to reinforce the negative stereotypes that white people have when it comes to our people. How about an “Albizu Campos” show? Thats something I would watch. One Love.

  9. No!!! All it does it creates a romanticism with a subdevelopment of capitalism. It conditions Colombians and Latin Americans to see as normal the current pre capitalist mode of production that dominates in Latin America. There are enough miniseries and movies about drugs. Why not create a mini series in regards of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan or the priest Guerrilla leader Camilo Torres and the social reality of Colombia. The struggle of the Colombian people struggling for social justice and it’s ramifications. Actually the should be a mini series on how The United States stole from the Colombia the state of Panama. I am sure the least they want to do is empowering Colombians and Latin Americans to aspire more than promoting neo colonialism.

  10. Spoiler Alert **** He dies at the end*** LOL

  11. No. What could it tell us that we don’t already know?

  12. Colombia got so much more to offer than to continue addressing the negatives

  13. theres no need…..besides me watching is a waste of my precious time. =)

  14. Easy….. La parábola de Pablo

  15. La Parabola de Pablo!

  16. La Parabola de Pablo

  17. La Parabola de Pablo… hmmm…

  18. On a book by Alfonso Salazar, “La Parábola de Pablo”. Thanks for the infomation.


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