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The worst dressed of 2012

It is a real joy to know that our celebrities are avoiding big fashion mistakes and they care a lot about their clothes, but as we all know there is always a black sheep in every family and 2012 certainly was not an exception for this fashion problem. There was more than one wreck that made us wonder if their stylist that day was sick, or if they need to hire a new one.

Collecting some of the worst looks of 2012, I stumbled upon some of our favorite Latino celebrities who fell into big problems with fashion, so keep reading and you will say like me. Que paso acá?

The gorgeous and wrong. Demi Lovato wore a design by Falguni for The Teens Choice Awards that was too much for everybody. It was a mashup of more trends than you can imagine and then she added a high pony tail making the whole outfit looked like a gladiator costume. It was definitely a fashion disaster, mixing feathers, embellishments, gladiator textures and a weird high pony tail just went Boom!

I am sure that we agree that 2012 was not Cristina’s year. She made hundreds of fashion mistakes; for example, on The Voice red carpet she had an absurd hair color and her wardrobe was unreasonable.

Cristina Aguilera looked like she had chosen her clothes in one minute without any lights on. She probably felt bad wearing all those mismatched prints and then figured that an ombre hair, with bright red, may help her to hide her ugly outfit.

The actress Felicia Mercado on The Billboard’s Red Carpet was just unbelievable. She wore a clear black dress that showed her whole body and projected a wrong impression. This outrageous look had us scratching our heads in confusion.

I have to repeat this again “How it is possible that someone with such a beautiful voice wore such a horrible dress “, this Mexican singer wore a red gown that might have looked good if the dress hadn’t had that piece of fabric around the neckline. Carla Morrison at the Latin Grammy 2012 was a big fashion mistake.

For all the gorgeous gowns at Lo Nuestro awards, there was a spectacular fail on the red carpet and it was the singer Laura Leon. A purple gown with sequins and feathers destroyed our eyes and the good taste at the great gala. Laura’s dress was a bad version of a purple swan and appeared to be a Halloween costume.

Yes, we all know that Maripily Rivera has an awesome body, but at Premios Lo Nuestro her body was too big her neckline. It was a really beautiful dress for her skin color, but a shame that she transformed her look into something so vulgar.


Being Latino Contributor, Lina Mayorga

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