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Tim Tebow ready to wed a Brazilian actress?

Larry Busacca, Getty Images

While the New York Jets continue to struggle to win football games, Tim Tebow is taking time out to improve his game off the field. Yes, go figure! He would be practicing something has nothing to do with being a quarterback. Rather than focusing on the field, Tebow has been busy being a ladies man much like his teammate, Mark Sanchez.

            In the past, Tebow has been linked to celebrities from the likes of county singer, Taylor Swift to American Olympian, Lindsey Vonn. Unfortunately for Tebow, nothing materialized with either woman.  We know this because Taylor Swift is writing yet another break up song for her now ex-boyfriend, a member of the Kennedy clan. None of the break-ups have fazed Tebow, so do not start feeling bad for the man. He claims that his strong faith has allowed him to be patient, and may have just paid off.

According to sources, Tim Tebow’s latest squeeze, Brazilian actress, Camilla Belle, is saving herself for marriage too! Literally a match made in heaven, right? Sources also state that Tim has been saying, “Camilla is the woman of his dreams” and is anxious to make her a part of his family. Does this mean an engagement ring is coming? Well, this scenario seems more likely to happen for Tebow than acquiring a Super Bowl ring in the foreseeable future.


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  1. So being Latino is about senseless topics like this… No wonder we, as a multi-ethnic group, don’t move forward intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We’re slaves of non-sense…

  2. Good taste in women

  3. @Suhraby ^ you are so right

  4. Sometimes it’s ok to lighten up a bit. Being Latino doesn’t have to be hard hitting all the time. Chisme over a cup of cafe con pan is good too.

  5. Perhaps more educational topics in economy, medicine, legal issues, and important areas would be nice. In addition, some jokes and cute things should be included every now and then. Just a humble opinion…

  6. Right now, there’s a post about The Central Park 5, Undocumented Immigrants, Mexicos’ new president and what that may mean, Tips for Financial responsibility for ourselves, an opportunity to hear some medical tips from the Hispanic Nurses Network, as well as some jokes. I see it pretty well rounded.

  7. good for him

  8. Finally a good reason for him to kneel and be thankful!

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