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Top Latino Chisme of 2012

This past year was a rollercoaster for many of us, including some of our favorite Latino celebrities.  From dramatic breakups to much younger boyfriends and babies, 2012 was one crazy year!  Below are the highlights of our Latino CHISME for 2012!

  1. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Divorce … and another back up dancer – Ok this chisme started back in 2011, but JLo’s love drama continued to dominate headlines in 2012.  First, 2012 began with questions about JLo’s new boy – Casper Smart.  Pictures had already begun to circulate with the two of them cuddling  “secretly.”  After Marc Anthony officially filed for divorce in April of 2012, it seemed that the pictures, live shows, “sightings” of JLo and her dancer beau kissing, grinding on stage or in her new music videos, frolicking on the beach, etc. flooded the media, it became very clear this chiseled dancer was going to be around for 2012.  It all felt a déjà vu (remember Cris Judd?!).  But hey, JLo is clearly having a good time, and who doesn’t want some of that kind of fun?!
  2. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s MUY DRAMATICO break up(s) and reconciliation(s) – So I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still not sure if these two are back together or really broken up.  We all know that the famous young couple broke up in November.  That Casanova Justin Bieberino (with a rumored wandering eye) then furiously tried to win back his Selenita…allegedly by constantly texting, calling her, calling her friends, sending her pictures of himself (whaaat?), etc.  He finally got her to agree to a dinner in L.A. to “talk” about their relationship, but less than 15 minutes into the date, the couple was already in a very big public fight and she stormed out, with Justin in tow.   I don’t think we’ll forget the sad pictures of Justin locked out of her mansion.  Apparently the couple is back together now, but stay tuned for the next big fight/make-up between this passionate couple!
  3. Shakira Is Pregnant With Her Fútbolista Novio – This one came out of nowhere for me.  I had no idea she had even broken up with her long-term Argentinian boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa!  Turns out those two broke up back in January 2012.  In April, Shaki was dating FC Barcelona star and major hottie Gerard Piqúe and by July those two were spotted shopping for maternity wear in Miami!  Add to the fact that Gerard Piqúe is 10 years her junior and this baby daddy tale is just too good.
  4. Eva Longoria Gets Her Groove On! – 2012 was Eva’s year!  While her hot romance with Eduardo Cruz (Penelope Cruz’s younger brother) may have fizzled out in early spring, Eva didn’t stay at home crying too long.  She was soon dating handsome Mark Sanchez, saving the world by playing a major leadership role in President Obama’s outreach efforts to Latinos during the re-election campaign (she even got to speak at the DNC convention!), and letting us all know that she STILL has it with her sizzling December Mexico GQ cover.  By the looks of Eva’s GQ pics, 2012 was clearly a fabulous year for her!
  5. Hola William Levy!– I don’t really know what this guy does, or whether he’s even talented, so here is a picture for you guys.   I would like to take this moment to thank Dancing with the Stars for introducing us U.S. based Latinos to the hotness that is William Levy.

  6. Mario Lopez Marries Baby Momma – Mario Lopez, the ex-Saved by the Bell hunk finally tied the knot with his girlfriend Courtney Mazza in early December 2012.  I guess the cutie womanizer finally decided to make it official with the mother of his two-year-old toddler.  Here’s hoping this union lasts longer than his previous two week “marriage” to Ali Landry, on whom he infamously cheated on during his BACHELOR party back in 2004.
  7. Christina Aguilera Takes Control – Poor Christina Aguilera has been the butt of many jokes and criticism over the past few years, for embracing a fuller figure, dating a younger guy, and some um interesting costume/clothing choices (e.g. Halloween 2012, her duet with Cee Lo Green in November 2012).  But I have to hand it to the woman – this was the year that she took control of her own narrative and despite the heavy focus on her life, body and career, she came out on top.  I’d argue she’s one of the biggest reasons for the success of The Voice, and she’s been fiercely unafraid of defending her choices.  2012 was about Christina telling the world “Yeah – I’m Pretty Fabulous.”   I mean that shot of Christina and Hillary Clinton just captures 2012 for Ms. Aguilera perfectly.

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