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Tu Vida Mas Simple returns with their third season

Tu Vida Mas Simple - photo utilisima-comUtilisima is teaming up the enthusiastic duo Luz and Martin so they can bring their A-game to their show, Tu Vida Mas Simple premiering May 6th.

Tu Vida Mas Simple is one hour show which shares ideas about how to live a healthier lifestyle, with recipes and tips given by Luz Blanchet and Martin Lloren. This third season is scheduled to air 60 episodes mixing in Luz’ s long term experience and Martin’s expertise in topics related to lifestyle and healthy living.

“In this season we are having fashion specialists with guests such as, Allesandra Rampolla and Alex Hamdam who are determined to make those special changes in your daily life routine by sharing their tips. In addition, our show will be designed to group different topics by day. For example, each day is assigned to a type of recipe: quick recipes, fun cooking recipes, and healthy recipes,” explains Luz.

Tu Vida Mas Simple will not solely focus on the female audience; covering various topics for all ages and genres is one of their missions for this season. “It’s amazing how in previous seasons we have broadcast episodes targeted to female audiences and we were still able to catch male audiences’ attention. In fact, the show is filled with male cooks, male doctors, and our male co host Martin,” said Luz. Children will have their own special segment in which Jackie Castaneda will be applying her creativity with many ideas for children birthday party themes.

Host Luz  is  willing to help the Latino community by listening and reading through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. “I have been able to witness the strength that our community has to overcome any obstacle in order to provide their families a better future through their hard work.”

Luz’ main objective is to bring her best in order to help her audience in making their life easier through her daily tips. “I want everyone to notice my happiness and gratefulness for being where I am now. Happiness can only be transmitted when is truthful happiness.”

By Being Latino Contributor, Vilma Sierra

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