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“Vamos Equipo con el Corazón”

By: Ana L. Ruedaquintero

“Come on team, put your heart into it,” these are words common to many Hispanics as they scream at their soccer team during games. These fans do not scream this out of anger or disparity, rather it happens because we are characterized for having a very fervent passion for soccer, which starts at a very early age and it continues throughout our whole life. When we experience moments of excitement for our team, there are a plethora of emotions that bottle up and all at once, when those erupt, we let them out with hugs, crying, sharing with family and friends and more importantly chanting por la selección.

That is precisely why Mexican singers/songwriters, Jesse & Joy, partnered with AT&T to create and compose the song “Corazon de Campeón” (Heart of a Champion). Being fans themselves of the Mexican National Soccer team, they feel those same emotions when their team is playing on the field.

Es que ya ha llegado el momento de vencer y salir a brillar

Y es que no hay mejor sentimiento que ganar…

El color de mi bandera yo lo llevo aquí en mis venas

Y me llena de pasión”


AT&T Latino understands this passion as well and that is precisely why they joined forces with the Mexican duo.  AT&T was already providing through their latest technology, devices and screens, exclusive access to soccer games and content. However, they knew that the Latino passion for soccer goes beyond seeing the game.

Mexican or not, you can easily relate with those words, “I have the colors of my flag in my blood, and that fills me up with passion.” The reality for many, is that soccer is not just a sport, its a way of life.

For more information about “Corazon de Campeón,” (#CorazonCampeon) you can go to the website: and

*This article was sponsored by AT&T but the opinions in this article are my own. 

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Lance is a millennial entrepreneur and founder of Being Latino, Inc and DigiBunch, LLC and partner and shareholder in Hispanicize Digital and Latina Mom Bloggers.

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