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WWE’s next villain is Anti-Latino

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) recently got many conservatives upset for bringing back one of their most controversial villains. No, it not President Barack Obama or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. His name is “Jack Swagger”, who detests liberals and the Democratic Party.

One would suggest that conservatives would support this character, but the concern is that Jack Swagger is an anti-Latino, blonde haired Tea Party inspired villain. His partner, Zeb Colter, is also just as controversial, if not more, due to his constant nativist/patriotic speeches that are deemed racist.

On last week’s wrestling event, Colter went on a lengthy anti-immigrant rant that is aimed at Jack Swagger’s Latino opponent by the name of Alberto Del Rio, the current World Heavyweight Champion. Both fighters are set to fight each other on WWE’s biggest event of the year, WrestleMania, on April 29.

In his speech, Colter goes on to say that he sees many people in the United States with faces that are not like his and  who speak a language that is inferior to English. He then goes on to say that there has to be a robust plan to get rid of all these immigrants.

Immediately after the re-casting of the Anti-Latino Tea Party wrestler, conservative websites and shows condemned the character stating that it portrays the Tea Party as racist.

WWE responded to the controversy by stating that its pure entertainment and that the storyline in no way represents the WWE’s political point of view. This is nothing new to WWE since they have always created characters that represent certain ethnic groups or situations for satirical purposes.

Good news for Conservatives is that Jack Swagger’s comeback may have been short lived because hours after the show he was charged with a DUI. WWE immediately cancelled future events that include Jack Swagger and did not comment if this decisions would be permanent. Satire or not, do you think WWE should promote characters that deal with sensitive issues of race?

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