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Three gorgeous ways for Latinas to do neutrals

When we talk about neutrals – beige, ivory, cream, apricot and other soft colors – we are talking about one of the biggest trends for the spring and fall of 2013. Fashion runways showed these colors for their collections and we expect to see a lot more of it. We love this incredible palette because it’s easy to mix and match with a wide variety of pieces.

Neutrals are usually known as nude colors because they often resemble your own skin color. These colors work well on a lot of Latinas because they reflect the light gently on their skin and create a subtle sun touch.

The following are three techniques to wear neutrals this year. My recommendations are really easy! These key pieces will have you ready for the coming seasons; moreover, they are great additions to your standard wardrobe.

Try a nice sheer or silk blouse

A nice blouse made of a good material like silk helps you to achieve a formal and delicate appearance. They are great for the office and even for a wonderful girl’s night out. You practically can match it with every pair of pants or just with a black pencil skirt and Voila! You have your outfit ready.

Forever 21

Invest in nude heels

Nude classic heels are going to make your legs longer and every woman should own a pair of these. Not to mention, they match with everything! Invest in a good pair of nude heels and you will have trendy shoes for long time.

Neutrals in beauty products

Nude colors are important for beauty too; now you can buy products like nail polish in neutral colors. Make sure that the nail lacquer is high quality and in a color that perfectly pairs with your skin tone in order to get the effect of bare nails.

Your goal with this palette is to reach a look that is natural and fresh.  And the best thing about it that anyone can wear it as long as you select the right hue. I recommend wearing it the way high-end models do on the runway….with simple makeup. You can’t go wrong with a neutral outfit and makeup that matches!

By Lina Maria Mayorga

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    Neutrals are beautiful!

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