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Be a great lover: Advice for men

A Great Lover is made, not born. The idea for this article came from a few frank discussions that I had with my son, only weeks from his 21st birthday. I wanted to make sure that “Sonny” (not his real name) actually knew what to do with his and her various parts during sex. Sonny is already a great young man. I want Sonny to be a great lover. His life will be enriched if he is a great lover, and so will the lives of the women he loves.

Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I don’t know where a young man would go to gain this information. Fathers may have “the talk” with their sons about birth control, but how many will actually instruct their boys on sexual technique and sexual pleasure? My father didn’t. Then, add the numbers of young men whose parents are divorced along with the numbers of women who are unmarried with sons.

The deck is stacked against young men.  How will they become great lovers?

They are not going to get it watching movies, or late night cable soft porn. Ever see these losers on cable? They’re doing it doggie-style and both of their faces look like sex hurts. What the hell is that about?

I am an old guy now, and have had a lifetime of great sex. The sex I’ve been experiencing with Deborah (not her name, either), my wife of 13-plus years, is the best sex I’ve ever had. Deborah is a hot redhead 8 years younger than me.

I want you to understand that my focus is on training a younger generation of men how to be great lovers.  Think of me as the wise old man, imparting valuable knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. I will be “Master”, and you readers can each be “Grasshopper.” (kudos to the old TV series “Kung Fu.”)

But, some of you old dogs might learn a few new tricks. You can become a great lover ANYTIME, regardless of your age!

I’m going to give it to you straight. But I guarantee that if you will follow my guidance, you will soon be known as a great lover.

Guys, remember that women talk, and they feel free to talk to their girlfriends about their sex lives. So, what is your lady going to say about your sexual techniques? If you follow my lead, you will keep your lady happy and satisfied and your reputation as a great lover will spread throughout HER friends. Then her friends will tell their boyfriends, and your reputation just keeps getting better.

So your male friends will be jealous of you, your lady’s friends will be jealous of HER, and none of your male friends will have the balls to ask for your advice.

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By Being Latino Contributor, Russell Longcore. Check out at Russell at the Empower Network.

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