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Become an expert at flirting, Part two

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In part one I showed you ways that you can hone your skills at flirting. Today, I want to give you an alert on the ways that women flirt with men.

You need to be able to read a woman’s flirting signals so you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. So, here are some of the signals women use in flirting.

She approaches you to talk. This lady is not waiting to see if you’ll get her signals. She is telling you openly that she is interested. But many women will wait for you to make the moves first.

She smiles. It can be a wistful smile or amused smile. But likely won’t be toothy grin. That would give away too much.

Eye contact, the most deadly tool of all. Can be just a fleeting glance or locked-in laser. But eye contact tells you she’s interested at some level.

She draws attention to her mouth. She might use her fingers to touch her lips or a straw from her glass to touch her lips in a different way than sipping. Women’s lips are very sensual, and they know how to work them to their advantage.

She isolates herself. If she’s with friends, she knows that the group lends some safety. But if she moves away from the group, she’s letting you have a chance to interact.

Simulates your body movements. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. She may hold her drink like you, or may sit like you. But when she mimics some of your mannerisms, it’s flirting.

Plays with her hair. A woman’s hair is one of her most potent weapons. Twirling her hair, or undoing an up-do and letting it fall to her shoulders can mean that she’s opening up to you.

Touches your forearm, shoulder, hand or wrist. How much clearer sign do you need? Did you feel the electricity when she touched you? Now reciprocate and show your interest by the same kind of touch. But you have another potent touch weapon. If you are moving through a crowd, you can either have her take your arm or hold your hand. You could also let her lead and place your hand in the small of her back. Nothing below the belt line, though.

She compliments you. She knows flattery works.

She enters your personal space. That’s usually within arm’s length of you. If she moves within that space, she is willing to move things along. If she’ll lean in to whisper something into your ear, you’ve got a live one on the hook. Reel her in.

Flirting is great fun, and should last a lifetime. Great Lovers are Great Flirts.


By Being Latino Contributor, Russel Longcore. Check out Russel at The Empower Network.

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