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Five ways modernity is offing us

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Most of us like to consider ourselves modern. We have the latest phones, we have progressive values, and we cook with some pretty cool gadgets that our abuelos never had. Yes, the modern world is great. At no other point could you relax on a massaging chair while you enjoy fresh fruits grown thousands of miles away, and watch live coverage of a sport being played halfway around the world.

But did you know, in a whole lot of ways, the modern world is killing us. Now before I get into those lovable bullet-pointed lists that grab your attention, I have to make a couple of qualifications. First, I am aware that as mortals, the very march of time itself is killing us. Also, I am by no means advocating a Rousseau-esque return to the state of nature. Just enjoy the bullets.

So here are Five Ways Modernity is Offing Us

It is making us fat – Modern humans don’t exercise as much as we used to. In an age of drive through restaurants, cars, and increased meat consumption, and all you can eat buffets, we are experiencing higher rates of obesity than Native American tribes with low levels of political development.

It is making us stupid – When was the last time you used a map to try and find your way to a new place? Exactly. New  research shows the GPS we all love to use is destroying our cognitive functioning.

It is giving us heart problems – As the “developing world,” well, develops, meat consumption is increasing. What happens with increased meat consumption? That’s right, higher rates of heart disease.

It is giving us cancer – Bottled water, red meat, diet soda, cell phones, the factory next to your house, each of them has had at least some research suggesting it may be carcinogenic.

It is destroying the planet we live on – This one is obvious. Whether it’s global warming, blood cell phones, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, so many of the latest gizmos and products that we know and love are causing irreversible destruction to our planet and jeopardizing the survival of the human race.

In a way, there is no way to send this message without sounding hypocritical. I am not exactly writing this article on a parchment with a quill and plant based ink. But it’s good to stay aware of our impact, so that we may be able to live more simply and even have a bit of a spring in our steps.


About Eric J Cortes

Eric Jude Cortes describes his ethnic background as simply “New Yorker.” The son of an Italian mother and a Puerto Rican father, Eric Jude grew up in a Russian/Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn and attended extremely diverse public schools. Eric Jude credits his diverse upbringing with his success professionally, as since 2004 he has been teaching in a public high school with one of the largest percentage of foreign born students in the city. It is this diversity which has shaped his work for Being Latino, which have ranged from a lighthearted musing on the drink Malta, to a passionate diatribe against drug addicts. At the university level, Eric Jude has an MA in History, with a thesis on Contraband in Spanish Puerto Rico, from Brooklyn College. An avid traveler, Eric Jude’s bucket list includes a pledge to visit every Latin American country, something he has complete halfway so far. His secrets to success in life include faith, a type-A personality, and the ability to be silly and break into a dance at moment’s notice. Daily, he can be found running on your local street, lifting weights at your local gym, or praying at your local Catholic church.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and should not be understood to be shared by Being Latino, Inc.

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