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Your favorite fast food place might now deliver

The “dead of winter” (whatever that is) has set in and we have become people who run from place to place in order to get out of the cold. The puniest of us use auto-start to warm up our cars, exercise indoors and shop at warehouse stores so we won’t have to shop for the rest of the month. Winter, especially for those in the north, tends to make us just a bit lazy and we have learned how to hibernate on weekends.

For all of my fellow lazy hibernators (yea, I made up a word) comes the ultimate in laziness. Coming soon to a fast food restaurant near you – delivery. Yessiree, you may soon be able to pick up a phone, or log onto the internet and order a Whopper with fries. This way you can keep your increasing butt on your sofa, while you wait for food that will add a few inches to your already impressive butt.

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About Eileen Rivera

Eileen was born in The Bronx, to Puerto Rican parents. She grew up thinking the whole world was Latino. Moving to Rockland County in upstate New York taught her it wasn’t. One more move in 1976, brought her to Hudson County, New Jersey where she currently resides. She attended Rutgers-Newark where she majored in Social Work with a minor in Puerto Rican studies. Eileen credits her history professor, Dr. Olga Wagenheim, for the spark and impetus to search out her roots in a pre-computer era. The daughter of a minister, she credits her father for the activism, volunteerism and search for justice that have characterized her adult years.

The mother of two adult daughters, Eileen has worked in the Juvenile Justice system for twenty-eight years. She acts as a liaison between the Juvenile Detention Center and the Juvenile Court.

Writing was something she shared with family. Stories and songs for her children and Christmas tales for the extended family. She now shares her writing with a larger family, the Being Latino family.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and should not be understood to be shared by Being Latino, Inc.

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