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Zumba on the dance floor

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re aware of the Zumba-mania that’s been going around. Who doesn’t love Zumba? With its combination of salsa, cumbia, and bachata steps, as well as other Latin rhythms, it’s a party every time you choose to work-out.

People love it because they feel like they’re really dancing, but are those dance steps good enough to use on the actual dance floor? Professional dancers and dance instructors are quick to disprove this theory. There are differences between the salsa you’re dancing in Zumba class and the salsa you see at the clubs.


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Born in Flushing, Queens to Colombian parents, Cindy has always loved reading and writing. For this reason, she entered Montclair State University to pursue an English degree, but instead fell in love with and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology. During her time at Montclair State, Cindy joined the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) on campus. She immediately felt comfortable surrounded by peers that shared both love and pride for the Latino culture, something she had never experienced before. She ultimately became president of LASO. Since then, Cindy has earned her M.S. Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education from Bank Street College, and works as a bilingual Special Education preschool teacher in Brooklyn. Despite feeling exhausted by the time she reaches her New Jersey home, she still uses her spare time to write. Joining the Being Latino family is one of the best things that has happened to Cindy because it fulfills her in two ways: She can write to her heart’s content while reaching an engaging audience, and it helps her stay connected to her Latino culture. You can find more of Cindy’s writing on her personal blogs: Dagny’s Dichotomy, and Cindy’s Chronicles.

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  1. Well that should go without saying.

  2. HELL NO!!! Do not get it twisted pls. Its a catastrophe.

  3. hahahahahaha you can always tell when someone learned their moves from an exercise class :)

  4. Yesssss!! I make em look good lol

  5. theres one or the other..and then there’s fusion…just keep the lunges, squats and jumping jacks out of the club lol!

  6. Nope keep that in the gym.Just because u Zumba doesn’t make an expert in LATIN dance. LOL

  7. Just because ur Latin doesn’t make u a good dancer :)

  8. I think some of the moves are ok , but hey you do it if you feel comfortable , why not ?.Personally I would not do it but then again I am not 15 years old .

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