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Old school vs. online dating: The good, the bad and the ugly

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The old concept of mami and abuela hooking you up with a “buena muchacha” or “buen muchacho” may seem old fashioned, but is the strategy tried and true? When it comes to finding your soul mate in the digital age, is online dating ideal or is old fashioned matchmaking still the way to go?

I sat down with professional matchmaker and relationship expert Amber Neal to get the low down on love in the modern age.

The Good

AM:     You’re a matchmaker so you obviously recommend matchmaking.

Amber:     Matchmaking is the oldest and most successful dating method. It existed before our great great great grandparents were around. It’s become the backbone of some cultures.

AM:     I get that, but the success of those relationships is arguable.

Amber:     Ah! You’re right, when matches are made by family or friends, there’s bias. A professional matchmaker will see you through an objective lens.

AM:     What makes matchmaking so great?

Amber:     How much time you got? (giggles)

  1. Safety – A good matchmaker will provide address verification and criminal background checks.
  2. Human factor – The energy and vibe that you get from an in-person interview doesn’t translate on a written test.
  3. Efficiency – You’re compatible with only 3% of the people you meet in a lifetime – you’re going to kiss 97 frogs to find one that you like. A matchmaker increases the pool of kiss-worthy mates.
  4. For the Meek and Bold –  It helps out the shy folks connect with others and helps the bold ones be a little more open minded to dating outside their comfort zone.
  5. Coaching – some folks need assistance getting their swagger, divorcees need confidence boosters. I even do mock dates to help out my clients – it’s a full service experience that only a matchmaker can provide.

The Bad and The Ugly

Online dating, Neal says, has created an ugly situation. “Online dating is a pathway for infidelity. Five years ago, 35 percent of online daters admitted to being married, and since the start of online dating, divorce has spiked by 75 percent.”

How do Latinos date?

Among Latinos, matchmaking is a role that’s compartmentalized for immediate family members and friends, Neal says.  “It could be cultural thing, and that’s okay, just know that a pro has a bigger dating pool and more expertise.”

Amber’s advice to singles

  1. It’s okay to ask for help, that’s a matchmaker’s job.
  2. It’s okay to invest in your love life and diversify your dating portfolio – we do it all the time in business.
  3. Everyone can benefit from professional matchmaking, regardless of age, size, religion, ethnicity or lifestyle.

Amber Neal is the founder of Love Tangle, a professional matchmaking service for those earning less than a six-figure salary, providing them with the full fledged matchmaking experience worthy of a millionaire. She is also a romance columnist for Social In.


By Being Latino Contributor, Ariana Montelongo de Valdivia. Ariana is a graduate of the University of Houston and has worked in Public Relations with the American Heart Association, LifeGift Organ Donation Center, Edelman Public Relations and currently hosts two TV shows on HMS TV (Houston MediaSource).Ariana can be followed on Twitter @AriMontelongo .


About Adriana Villavicencio

Dr. Adriana Villavicencio is the youngest child of Ecuadorian immigrants. She has moved 29 times in her life, taking her on a journey from California to Bangalore, India, and New York City, where she recently earned a Ph.D. in Education Leadership and works as a Research Associate at New York University. An avid traveler, Adriana has collected experiences in four different continents and 16 different countries. But as a former high school English teacher, some of her fondest memories are those of her brilliant and brilliantly funny students in Brooklyn and Oakland. Adriana has contributed to several publications including the Daily News and, and is a managing editor for the Journal of Equity in Education. She earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in English Education at Columbia University, and currently serves on the board of Columbia’s Latino Alumni Association (LAACU). She enjoys scary movies with red vines, Sauvignon Blanc, and her Maltese dog, Napoleon.

To learn more about Adriana’s education consulting company, please visit

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and should not be understood to be shared by Being Latino, Inc.


  1. Christine Wander says:

    Great article! Also want to add that in our busy lifestyle we don’t always have time to find love and waste time dating Mr. Wrong. Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match!

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