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Dressing the Latino family for the winter

In most cities in United States this time of the year is usually cold, or super cold, and we definitely have to change our wardrobe drastically in order to survive the chilly season. A soft and comfy way to do it is with sweaters; they will not only keep you warm, but will also add some style.

For women there are always a large variety of trends and styles easily found in every store; however, it is important to know which those are.

  • My favorite recommendation is metallic pieces and embellishments, these trends are so essential for winter that you must try it on your sweaters.
  • Graphic sweaters make the season more youthful, and give the a cool,girly look that you can wear everywhere.
  • For most Latinas, peplum trend is not their favorite because they feel that creates the illusion of bigger hips; but if you wear it with dark bottoms, this trend will be picture-perfect for a nice holiday party.
  • Of course, a basic and soft wool sweater is always an indispensable piece in your closet.

What is great about sweaters is that also our favorite celebs have been wearing those for fall and inspiring us to wear them to our jobs, dates, and parties. So, don’t think that a sweater is a garment just for a normal day; you can transform it into something fabulous with nice accessories and elegant pants or skirts and still looking warm.

We should not deny the importance of sweaters for Men too.

  • The popular unicolor wool sweater will keep Dad warm and comfortable all day. Moreover, it looks amazing over a men’s shirt.
  • Striped sweaters are the typical type that every hubby wants and needs for a casual day.
  • Sweater with button mock, side zipper, or shawl collars.

For this season skip turtlenecks, reindeer, and anything too bright; opt for one of these more modern looks instead.

Nonetheless, the little ones of the family also need extra care with a comfortable and easy-cared sweater. Kids’ styles are so versatile that you can make them wear almost every fashion trend and they will look adorable, that means that the main characteristics for their sweater are basically comfort and coziness. You can apply any of the last mentioned trends for men or women in their adorable sizes. For this season, I recommend you the American apparel kids’ sweater collection; it is cute and soft for children.

My invitation for you is to opt for a comfy sweater in your next shopping trip and remember that they never go out of style. There are hundreds of sweater selections including classics, stripe designs and prints. You have enough cold days to experiment with all these trends and to be honest I really like them.


By Being Latino contributor, Lina M. Mayorga 

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