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The designer bag dilemma

Wall Street Journal

As women a lot of us have a fascination with lusciously crafted designer bags that may or may not announce bag pedigree with initials or names that let the world know that “Yes, I am an expensive and amazingly perfect bag.”  We feel a rush of pure ecstasy; gentleman, I know you don’t get it – but it’s real and we love it.

In fact, that feeling that you get right before you decide to spend hard earned cash on that ONE designer bag that you’ve been coveting – that anxiety that engulfs your soul and may leave you light headed – because let’s face it, you are getting ready to spend an obscene amount of money on a hand bag – well, according to a writer of the Wall Street Journal that feeling has been given a (tongue in cheek) name! The “condition” is called HDP – Handbag Decision Paralysis.  We are not alone!

Unlike celebrities that sport different color Hermes bag for each day of the week – which by the way, keep in mind that a lot of those bags are GIVEN to them so that they will ignite a buying frenzy on little ole’ us that have to actually work to enjoy such a luxury.  Most of us may save up for months, or maybe clear a credit card to take on the massive purchase and we often have to narrow down to ONE “do it all” and “say it all” designer bag!  I guess that since we are relegated to picking one, it’s enough pressure to make us sick!

I remember my first legitimate designer bag purchase and I’ll tell you later why I say “legitimate.”  It was a black Coach Bucket Bag and for all of you bag enthusiasts, I may be dating myself! In any case, I can honestly say it was an excellent choice.  Some of these bags are timeless.  Even if it sits in your closet for a while, when you pull it out – it’s still a Coach and the quality holds up.  In my case, my nineteen year old daughter has taken dominion over mine, and is enjoying it immensely.  The same goes for the Louis Vuitton Satchel and anything quilted with the Chanel logo – simply timeless.  When you think about spending countless increments of $50 on cheaper bags – buying that one designer bag can make sense in the big scheme of things.

On the other hand, some people are allergic to the idea of buying a “knock-off” and I’ll tell you right now, I am not one of those people!  I’ve bought them and I love them!  If it’s a good knock-off I am SO there and without the HDP symptoms!  The quality is not the same, but the high still works! I’ve also enjoyed a RENTED Kate Spade jeweled evening bag that made me feel like a million bucks for a special night for just fifty bucks!

So Latina, you are not alone.  I share your joy and your pain!


By Being Latino Contributor Veronica Pearman – Follow her on Twitter @VeronicaPearman

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