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The enemies of love, part twelve: Television

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Are you a television junkie? Then this piece should be pretty short and to the point.

Television can be one of the enemies of love. I should say that watching too much television can negatively affect your love life.

If you spend hours upon hours staring at your television, that means that you are likely spending much less time with your lady. She will likely want to spend time talking to you, not grunting at the TV screen or only speaking at commercial breaks.

With the wide variety of programming available to viewers today, you can catch movies, news, sports or porn pretty much 24/7. So which one is your addiction?

I’m less concerned about your addiction to news or old movies than I am about porn. Pornography can have a very negative affect on your relationship. Few people can watch porn and use it as a sex life enhancer. Usually, the viewer gets images drilled into his head (no pun intended) of sex acts that aren’t going to happen in his life. So, if he develops a strong desire to mimic those sex acts with his lady, and she doesn’t agree, you have conflict and dissatisfaction. If the addictive desire is strong enough, you’ll find satisfaction SOME way.

Some women like looking at porn, and think it’s a turn-on. But most are thinking that you are fantasizing about the women in the porn and most women are comparing their bodies to the porn stars…and not in a good way.

I understand visual images and the desire to try new things…that’s what we talk about here. But any addictive behavior changes YOU, and your lady might not put up with your changes.

Television Can Isolate You

And excessive TV viewing means that you are watching the world instead of participating in the world around you. STOP watching so much TV! It’s like eating spoonfuls of table sugar instead of a real meal. You might actually have to wean yourself off the tube, like an addict. Cut down on the number of hours you spend in front of the TV. Read a book, Work out. Go to a concert. Take a dance class. Chicks love to dance. DO something instead of watching other DO things!

So, if you are spending too much time in front of the tube, either find a woman who likes that kind of behavior, or change yourself…or stay single. Being in a relationship with a woman is supposed to be about spending time with her. And, your life is supposed to be about living in balance.

We’ve seen twelve enemies of love in this series. Are there enemies that we’ve not discussed that you would like to see mentioned? Feel free to write with comments.

Fight the enemies of love. Become a Great Lover.


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