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Fashion tips for petite Latinas

Many Latinas are considered fashion petites due to their height, but petite Latinas are not only short, they are also curvy, and because of that they incur the same mistakes  when it is time to dress up. It is time to stop that and change our habits when we are facing shopping difficulties.

If you are less than 5.4 ft or 1.65 m you are considered petite, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you have to be careful in order to avoid looking shorter than you actually are in your outfits. Our goal is to achieve a look that makes us taller and slimmer.

Latinas, follow these few tips and you will be confident showing those curves; even when petite fashion looks like a problem in this tall fashion world remember there are more petites than you can imagine.

Body Type

First, it is important to recognize what kind of petite you are in order to choose the correct wardrobe. In my concept, there are two kinds of body types; women whose legs are bigger than her belly and women whose belly is the bigger part. I am the first type and, in my experience, the goal is to hide our problematic zone. Try to do it with dark colors in your challenging zone, but do not hide that J.lo back .


This is my favorite trick because it really makes you look taller; you want to elongate your body by wearing just one color. For example, today you will choose beige as your main color, what that means that your pants can be beige, your top white and your shoes nude. All of these colors are in the same palette.

Skip knee length skirts

Knee length skirts could be perfect for your working day, but they are very risky to wear. Petites need to show more legs (without overemphasis on this tip please)! Longer skirts give the impression that the legs are shorter than they really are.


Properly fitted

Properly fitted clothes are important for petites to avoid clothing that is too tight or too big. If the clothes are properly fitted, you will have the proper proportions for your body and then you can start creating tricks to evade calling attention to your trouble zones. It is the key for the perfect canvas.

Vertical Lines

This is the traditional trick, but it only works when we emphasize it. Vertical lines give the illusion of height. It does not mean wearing vertical stripes from head to toe; you can get them by wearing pants or dresses. This really elongates your body.

Remember that you can make adjustments to your new clothes when it is necessary. Find a tailor for your alterations like shortening sleeves or hemming a dress. The most important thing for every woman is to look nice and sexy, and it is clear that Latinas know how to be sexy.

By Lina M. Mayorga []

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