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The forecast from Menswear Fashion Week

2013 started with amazing runways all over the world of fashion at the most important spots for glamor and elegance. Menswear Fashion weeks, held in London, Milan, and Paris, showed us an endless number of possibilities for this year’s stylish men.

Here are some easy ways to bring some important features from the popular menswear runways to your closet; you just have to read, watch, and copy.

Calvin Klein showed us a well done jacket with leather details on the sleeves for Fall 2013, bringing back formal sportswear that enhances the shape of a man. It is important to own a jacket or coat that goes great with layering during winter seasons. This kind of design gives you the flexibility to be paired with a coat when it is time to face those chilly days.

Louis Vuitton showcased a relaxed and youthful collection. Pieces like puffy jackets, animal print furs, and tons of prints are also accessible and wearable for cold seasons. This blue big puffy jacket caught my attention because of its shape and great contrast of blue and orange colors; and I am sure that if you –men- come from a hot place, you will want to be warm in this crazy weather with a powerful garment that also looks great on you.

About men’s shoes

The Monkstrap Shoe

Church’s , Prada and many more showcased this popular classic style with single or double monk strap. This style isn’t just for special occasions or office outfits, it is also for jeans and simple pants. One guy said, “I love these with skinny jeans.”

For those casual and uncomplicated guys, these canvas shoes from Mark Mcnairy are specially made for you. For everyday wear, these shoes are perfect and go well for all ages. This is a look more from Etro, Giorgio Armani and Wang runways.

Finally, another big trend for every man this season is the double breasted jacket or blazer. This one has been seen in every possible fabric and color and it is so popular that it was presented several times in different fashion weeks. The French brand “Hermés” used this style in dark colors such as navy, brown, and grey. You must notice that this style is very Uptown New Yorker man and that’s why I recommend it to all Latinos.  Muy distinguido!

Latinos can play with their look including these specific pieces brought to us from the most important menswear fashion runways of fall 2013-14 ( trends forecasting). Men transform their typical fashion style to one that it is totally fashion worthy.  Try them out now!


By Being Latino Contributor, Lina Mayorga.


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