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Vasectomy: Are Latino men reluctant to get it done?

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A few days ago I presented the following question to my Facebook friends:   Have you ever considered getting a vasectomy?  If not, why?

Needless to say, I got a huge response and mostly black or Hispanic friends responded.  My thread started with a black man who stated that he underwent the procedure years ago and he was happy that he did.  The rest of the comments pretty much clearly stated that they would never allow someone to come at their “manhood” with a “knife!”  It was obvious to me that among black and Hispanic men, getting a vasectomy pretty much is perceived the same as having your penis chopped off.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that my little informal Facebook “study” mirrors a study conducted in the Department of Neurology of the University of California.  Through a male sample of 30-45 year old men it was concluded that about 11.4% of men aged 30-45 years reported having a vasectomy, representing approximately 3.6 million American men. Although 14.1% of white men had a vasectomy, only 3.7% of black and 4.5% of Hispanic men reported undergoing vasectomy.  I believe it’s safe to say that – Latino, you don’t want anyone messing with your “manhood!”

Okay, let us take a closer look at what is involved with getting a vasectomy.  There are two little muscular tubes that connect the testicles to the urethra.  The testicles are where the semen is produced and the urethra is the tube that leads outside the body through the penis.  According to WebMD a vasectomy involves the clamping, cutting, or otherwise sealing of these tiny tubes – the Vas Deferens. This blocking prevents sperm from mixing with the semen that is ejaculated from the penis.

So here are the facts.  Your doctor will use local or intravenous medicine to relieve pain and/or anxiety. He then makes one or two tiny incisions into your scrotum and blocks or snips your tiny semen highway. Your procedure takes about a half hour and you will be asked to keep snug underwear on, pack with ice and try to lay down for the rest of the day – your recovering pain is minimal.  In fact, if your job is not strenuous – you can expect to return to work in one to two days.  No heavy lifting for a week.  Sex, whenever you feel up to it!

There is no change in size of either your penis or your testicles.  There is no change in your ejaculation.  You still ejaculate, but you are simply shooting “empty” semen.  And last but not least, there is no change in sensation.  It looks like the only official change to your manhood, is that you can’t impregnate a woman!

So Papi, if you are done making babies – this might just be the BEST gift you can give your woman!  Oh, and by the way, not having to worry about pregnancy – the HOTTEST aphrodisiac for us!


By Being Latino Contributor, Veronica Pearman. Follow Veronica on Twitter @VeronicaPearman

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