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What does freedom mean to you? [video]

Freedom is one of the values that this country is built on and many freedoms are outlined in our constitution.

But, what does freedom mean to you personally? How do you incorporate freedom into your everyday life? If you work at a job that you don’t enjoy, just to buy things that you don’t really need or can even afford, then you are not really living in freedom. You’re the only person that can define what freedom means to you, but if you don’t think you’re living it, then some changes will be necessary.

To get out the vicious circle of accumulating consumer debt by buying things they don’t really need, Adam Baker and his wife decided to sell everything, except what could fit in two backpacks and traveled throughout Australia and Asia for a year, with a baby. Their motto: Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love.

About Nicolle Morales Kern

Nicolle was born in Philadelphia, raised in England and Germany, and lived in Madrid, Spain for a year in college. She has a B.A. in Journalism from Drexel University.

This avid reader and writer seeks to write and create pieces that encourage people to think and question what they already know, but also to show them the lighter side of life.
Her interest in writing and working for Being Latino comes from the desire to explore what being Latino means for her as a German-Panamanian and to explore the depths of the Latino culture.

She has a passion for all things relating to books, food and booze and shares her musings on her personal blog Culture Jaunt, and currently resides in Philadelphia.

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