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Why be romantic? The last six reasons men should be romantic


In this series I’ve given you 36 reasons to be romantic. Here are the last six.Romantic - image from ehow-com

37. You’ll have a chance to live up to your potential. There is no heavier burden than great potential. But you can throw off that heavy burden by living a memorable life. Remember all the teachers who wrote on your report card about your potential…and that you were falling short of it? Show them all! By becoming a Great Lover and being a romantic example, you will run all of them off into the weeds.

38. You’ll never again be depressed on Valentine’s Day. Ever have a Valentine’s Day when you didn’t get a valentine from anyone. Pitiful, wasn’t it? Oh, you can play it off like it was no biggie, but you still noticed and felt bad. But if you are a romantic guy, this will not happen to you. You might even get multiple cards on that day of romance. Besides…you should be concentrating on GIVING, not receiving. Romance is an act of giving of yourself to another person.

39. You’ll never again forget your lady’s birthday or your anniversary. Romantic guys make a big deal of life events. Doesn’t it give you a good excuse for a celebration or a party? Go as far as your budget will allow to honor your lady on her birthday or your anniversary. Don’t forget the little anniversaries, like the date you first met, or your first date, or your first kiss. I met my wife on May 22, 1999 and our first date was May 29, 1999…which is also the date of our first kiss. If you don’t know these kinds of dates, sit down with your lady and a calendar and figure them out. It’s important.

40. You’ll be forever young at heart. Women love men who have retained their child-like qualities. They hate guys who are childish. Do you know the difference? My wife says that I am like a 12-year-old boy sometimes, and she loves it. But that is about the fun-loving side of me…not the responsibility side. I know how to take care of business. That’s the wonderful balance of an adult man who has his shit together. The best men can be serious when it’s called for, and still not let life beat them up so badly that they become boring and cynical.

41. Your lady wants you to be romantic. Need any other reason? You do remember all of the benefits that flow from romance, don’t you? Like hot sex, and backrubs, and blowjobs, and seeing her naked, and feeling her up, and being naughty together, and furtive glances that have meaning only you and she know, and lots and lots of laughter? Are you insane? Be romantic, knucklehead!

42. Love makes the world go around. Love is the icing on the cake. Love is the reason we exist. Love is why we smile. Love is why we hurt sometimes. Love is fulfillment. Love is contentment. Love is spiritual. Love is physical. Love is why we laugh. Love is intimacy. Love is grand. Divorce is a hundred grand.

ALWAYS be romantic. You’ll be a Great Lover.

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