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Your guide to the perfect Holiday outfit

It is hard to believe that right now we are in December and a new year is coming soon. Of course, if you didn’t have the opportunity to buy clothes on Black Friday or Cyber Monday; you are probably worried about what you are going to wear for the holidays and of course you want to have the best outfit ; verte linda! That is why I bring you these 5 top trends for your Holiday shopping excursion.

To begin with, this holiday season is all about glitter and sequins. I am not telling you go for a bling bling look – you don’t want to catch your family’s and friends’ attention in a bad way looking like a Christmas tree or un farolito, but you can mix these glitter dresses or tops in a very modish way.


Secondly, you know that every Christmas is about particular colors like green and red or silver, but this 2012 is all about gold and white, so if you can find and match these two colors you can create the perfect holiday outfit and you can mix them with your basics, like black.

Moreover, another important thing to remember is that you will always be great with The little black dress, but the only advice that I have for you is that you have to be careful not to be overexposed with the wrong shape- You know that Latinas always want to look sexy, but choose the right dress for your body type because the black dress could be loose and also too tight.


In addition, the other big trend for this season is suits, all kinds of suits; but put away your office suits. A perfect suit could be monochromatic and it could just as easily be a geometric print.

Perhaps you won’t be surprised to hear my last recommendation: it is of course the military trend. It is not about camouflage or green spots it is more about chicly embellished military look. You must try a nice double breasted jacket, preferably with gold buttons and epaulettes. It is really sophisticated.

Alexander Mcqueen

Don’t forget that you want to stand out during these special days and these parties are the perfect occasions to show your friends and family that from one year to the next, you are looking better and better. These trends are a key to reach this recognition and feel free to mix them up because these holidays are just one time a year and you have to be beautiful.

It is not the same spend the night with your family and spend it in a relaxed atmosphere at a party. So, if you’re going to go out and don’t want to spend more money shopping; try to resemble these trends with your own pieces and complement them with some accessories that make a bold statement.

By Contributor, Lina Ma. Mayorga [ ]

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  1. These are great suggestions to look great during the holidays. Awesome tips, TY

  2. Cool !! great tipssssss! tengo que implementarlos :)

  3. El military trend me encanta! Creo que en estas fiestas usare ropa de color dorado y rojo, pero seguro que no le hare competencia al arbolito de Navidad, jeje. Buenos tips!

  4. Me encantan los vestidos negros para esta temporada!

  5. I love the Alexander Mcqueen jacket, just what I need.

  6. Me encantaron todos los vestidos.. Que lindos.

  7. Muy buenas tus recomendaciones…siempre resuelve el Little Black Dress!

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