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Are Hispanics the next great STEM innovators?

- via Forbes

Unemployment in the U.S. is at its highest since the mid-80s, college graduates are struggling to find jobs in their respective fields, and the so-called ‘American Dream’ is slipping farther out of reach. Yet, there are 3.2 million available jobs in this country in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. Right now. Today. This moment.

With these facts as a backdrop, you would think that every kid in America would be scrambling to take a STEM major. Wrong. One study showed that nearly half of high school students surveyed say they will most likely not pursue a STEM-related degree. Whom then can we get to qualify for these high-paying, readily available, yet evidently not very popular jobs?

Answer: Hispanics. Over the last several decades, it has primarily been Hispanic immigrants, legal and illegal, who’ve done America’s dirty work. Janitors, construction labor, factory workers, meatpacking, housecleaning, cooks, chefs, you name it, Hispanics have done these jobs with drive and aplomb, and nary a complaint. No matter where you stand on illegal immigration, there’s no denying that Hispanic immigrants have taken jobs most Americans eschewed.


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