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Dislike your boss? Go ahead, complain on Facebook!

via Lifehacker — It turns out that you can say anything you want on Facebook about your boss and your job and you’re protected under the law. A judge has ruled that under the National Labor Relations Act, employees have “the right to converse among themselves about workplace conditions.”

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t manage your online presence, afterall you may not get fired, but you may also not get promoted.

For great tips on managing your online presence, read Google, Facebook and Twitter: The new resume.


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  1. NYVixen says:

    It’s freedom of speech but think before you post anything on facebook, twitter, even your own personal blog and if you do, you had better make sure #1 you have privacy settings on all of these pages and NO ONE in your office is on your friends list and never mention anyone’s name online EVER. There are tons of ppl in the office on facebook and the ones whom I don’t like are BLOCKED for my privacy and protection.

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