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Facebook just made life easier for lurkers and stalkers!

Finally! Facebook answers that age-old conundrum — What if I DON’T WANT to “friend” those jerks from high school?! — with the introduction of the Subscribe button.

Today’s Subscribe button announcement follows Tuesday’s official launch of Facebook’s greatly-improved Smart Lists, which allows you to sort Close Friends (people you want to hear from all the time) and Acquaintances (people you hear from when they change profile info such as where they live or if they’re “expecting”).  

Using the Subscribe button, you can now take the high road and accept “friend” requests without the previously-unfortunate byproduct: enduring status updates about which you couldn’t care less. Better than that, you can now catch up with those people whose updates these days rarely make it to your wall.

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  1. If they don’t care to see another’s updates then my ? is,”Why accept thier friend request” just curious.


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