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SOTU? Hispanic America is still stuck watching reruns

The top networks: CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC se unieron in their programming on Tuesday night for what are the political Academy Awards. The biggest night of the year for politicos (other than presidential election day, the World Cup of politics): the State of the Union Address.

However, for us Latinos there was something missing. The largest networks for Hispanic America were absent in providing this critical programming, instead choosing to broadcast their bread and butter, telenovelas. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with catching an episode or two or three or getting hooked (not that I speak from experience) on the promise of a happily ever after, but there is also nothing wrong with showing them at a later time or postponing for the next day.

Now, I will give Univision and Telemundo some credit. They did broadcast it on their other networks, Galavision and Mun2 respectively. However, these networks have a much lower viewership than Univision and Telemundo.

Univision Network states on their website, “No other network has such an unparalleled connection with America’s youngest and fastest-growing consumer group.” They are the media leader when it comes to the Hispanic audience, therefore they should lead by example. Let’s make that connection they speak of count. People rely on them for educational content, especially when Hispanic political involvement is critical for our nation’s future. What we must realize is that we must not only vote, but we must be educated on our vote and an important component to this is to be exposed to significant political events such as the annual State of the Union address.

This address is not second best; therefore it should not be passed on to your second best channel. And no, it is not enough to run “highlights” later when most people go to bed. There is a reason why the nation’s top networks delay their award-winning, multi-million dollar programming and make room to provide this educational content for their viewers. It’s that important.

As we work to have Hispanic America’s political voice heard, we can’t help but look to our powerful media allies to assist with information. At the end of the day if we are not unidos, it does not matter how many Hispanics there are, we will still not be represented well.

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