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#VivaViernes: How one tweet can start a movement


Yes, we know Twitter is huge. Having been on it for a year, we have been amazed by its power. To those that need to understand, Twitter flattens the world for you. You have instant access to people, and if you build your relationships right and don’t get caught in a numbers game (remember: it is quality over quantity), you can find Twitter success and maybe even start your own social media movement.

So, as we tweeted and connected with people about us, about our family company, about our amazing talent that is Fernando Varela, we kept trying to make Twitter our own, since in the end, everyone on Twitter has the ability to create their own universe and world.

One day in April, it clicked and it started with a simple tweet. You see, we knew that Twitter’s #FollowFriday was a major Twitter tradition, where people recommend other people to follow. But there was something about it that didn’t feel right to us. Sure, the intent was admirable, but it lacked something to us: it wasn’t speaking to who we were as Latinos.

Then came one tweet that we proclaimed: starting this Friday, #VivaViernes will begin. Don’t just recommend people to follow, add a little mojito to it. We started and it was just us, posting music, discussing Latino issues, connecting people to others.

The next week, we found some Latino evangelists, like @NancyPerez, @UrbanJibaro, @Raul_Ramos, @efrainortizjr, and then the tweets started happening.

Add a theme song, like the great Héctor Lavoe:


A playlist on iTunes: VivaViernes Playlist

An article in Fast Company: The Twitter Thought DJs and Influencers

And the movement is strong and growing every week. Yes, you CAN create your own world in Twitter and it just takes one tweet.

by @julito77


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  1. Querido hermano:

    Quisiera decirte GRACIAS por incluirme hoy en tu página. Es un verdadero honor. I am so proud of all the work that you do. You guys are the hardest workers on the Internet. You have gone so far already and your rise will only continue, because you do it right: you are truly truly authentic and never change, and you give people a medium to express themselves.


  2. beinglatino says:

    Mil gracias. As you know Julio, it has been a ton of work. It’s always nice to hear those words.


  3. Jena Mercado says:


    Es todo un placer conocer tanto talento latino, gracias le doy a Dios que por este medio ustedes tienen la oportunidad de darse a conocer y saber donde esta el talento verdadero. Pa “Lante” mi gente. Con todo la Bendicion del Mundo. Querer es Poder. PAZ. Jena

  4. Hi Lance, you need to put a big arrow for where to go for comments. This non techie couldn’t find it. ha ha

    Thank you Julio for this article because you know we work hard to get the word out. It’s always good to hear when something works and moves us forward. Thank you very much.
    Jo Ann Hernandez
    BronzeWord1 AT yahoo com
    BronzeWord Latino Authors
    p.s. i subscribed to your feed.

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