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Introducing: The first ‘foldable’ car

On the heels of demand for more efficient, more compact, motor vehicles, researchers have created the first ‘foldable’ car. Of course, this isn’t a vehicle that can be stashed in a backpack or toted off by hand, but a car that folds inward, saving space in already cramped areas.

This is achieved by placing all-electric engines within the wheels themselves, eliminating the need to have an engine fixed to the chassis. Coupled with a front opening hatch as a door, the car folds up and sits neatly with three cars in a standard parking space.

The ‘Hiriko’ is expected to being production next year in the Basque region of Spain – aiming for a widespread launch all over Europe shortly thereafter. Those hoping for a cheap mode of transportation might be disappointed. The retail price is an estimated 12,500 euros – roughly $16,500 dollars – which lends to the idea that this vehicle might be better used in a city-sponsored car sharing program.


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Ryan Almodovar was born in Queens, NY, but was transplanted to Lancaster, PA – the heart of Amish country, at an early age. Growing up in a small city that is completely surrounded by fields has let him develop many interests, including jazz music, songwriting, short stories, and exploring the vast farmlands – simply because there wasn’t too much else to do there. A love of writing, thinking outside the box, and his Puerto Rican culture led him to a bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Spanish from the Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Currently, Ryan is a mild-mannered banker during the day, and though he may claim to fight crime at night, you are most likely to find him relaxing by playing guitar, watching baseball games, or working on a novel that never seems to get finished. You can read more of Ryan’s work at his blog, Awkward and Dangerous.

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