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Paperclips expose major iPhone security threat

Keep your office supplies locked up tightly.

A security and hacking group has recently shown how your iPhone could be easily unlocked or opened with just the use of a simple office paperclip, allowing access to your voice mail, contacts, call history, text messages and other kinds of data.

It works by using the paper clip to pop open the phone’s SIM tray, giving physical access to the phone itself and by having a ‘missed call message’ on your home screen. Using the paper clip to pop out and reload the SIM tray, the phone takes a moment to reload your SIM data. During this time, the hacker simply swipes his finger across your ‘missed call’ notification and voila – they have unfettered access to your phone. This is due to iOS 5 allowing you to open an app from your phone screen. By telling your iPhone call back the call it believes it missed while asking it to find the number on the SIM card, access is easily gained.

It’s ironic to note that the iPhone, the accepted standard of excellence for smart phones (for Apple users, anyway), can be taken down with relative ease. It would seem that this method, while possible, is still considerably difficult.

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  1. Yani P. says:

    I will try this trick with a “pincho” (hairpin), too!

  2. Is the hacking group Latino?

  3. Albanians dude.

  4. Does anyone really believe that there exists a truly Hackproof phone, computer, or other electronic/media device? One should always be cognizant of the fact that NOTHING in this day and age is truly private. Big brother has always been watching…

  5. Well good luck cause i can’t even use a paper clip myself to get the dayum thing out lol… I have to use a thumb tack or earing… But come on who really leaves their phone unattended for that long theese days… I’ll misplace my keys before my phone anyday… And if someone has to go through that much trouble to find something out about you then your probally not worth keeping around…IJS

  6. Thats seriously is like 2008 news. Everything is hackable.

  7. After almost having my iPhone stolen I’ve thought of all the information that is in there and how easily accessible it all is. Apple better do something about it because we pay Way too much money for these “smart phones.”

  8. haha! That’s why I choose to not sip the apple flavored cool aid. I love android!

  9. Apple is way more advanced with technology than android so if a iPhone can get hacked like this imagine a android remember the only thing that protects androids is a email

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