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Border Patrol stakes out hospitals

Imagine giving birth to your baby in a hospital with a Border Patrol agent standing right next to you, waiting to deport you and your newborn. That’s exactly what happened to a mother of four at a local Tucson hospital a few years ago.

A group of activists and migrants in Arizona recently have been claiming that Border Patrol agents are staking out hospitals for undocumented immigrants. Border Patrol is denying that they regularly patrol the hospitals and maternity wards, but do admit that at times there are agents at the hospital because they need to bring in someone they have in custody. However, activists disagree with this statement, saying that they’ve seen agents there with no one in custody.

Miriam Aviles-Reyes went into labor after being detained for an alleged traffic violation. A Border Patrol agent remained by her side until she had the baby (because she didn’t have the proper papers), waiting to deport her and her newborn to Mexico – along with her husband and three other children.

Read more at Fox News Latino.

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  1. Lmfao thats hilarious

  2. Unbelievable!

  3. I saw something about this in a documentary. It’s so sad :/ One lady said the boarder patrol was tell her to push push..hmm to get them our of the states faster

  4. sick!

  5. NAZISONA!!!!!

  6. I dont dare to take my Latina butt over there. I bet you there are already countless “Born in the East LA” type of stories stemming from Arizona.

  7. unreal..just freakin’ sick.

  8. Why just blame arizona, the federal govt has been pushing ins accross the country w safe community program. Any law enforcement agency can participate

  9. they probably are waiting just to deport you and they then will take your baby and put it up for adoption. Oh unless you’re elian gonzalez then you get put on a plane and deported to a country full of communism

  10. Arizona y Alabama they’re both the same!

  11. How disgraceful!

  12. Wow! It sounds like a bad movie!

  13. That is not cool

  14. Damnnn obama, he doesnt care, but neither does the republicans…so who gets my vote?…

  15. I am absolutely disgusted! Shame on the federal government for allowing AZ and other states to do such things.

  16. r u serious!!

  17. Shameful! I would hope that the agent waiting there is a woman at the very least.

  18. i cant believe there allowed to do something like this, i think its horrible that the united states government lets this type of thing go on

  19. Where is the Post about SHAQ dissing Puerto Rico…haven’t u heard?

  20. sick people

  21. A republican government at work!

  22. This is why it’s so highly important for Latinos in AZ to register to vote and then vote!!! As covered by this week’s Time magazine article, hermano Daniel Valenzuela won his Phoenix City Council seat by doing mass registrations. He is being utilized by the Obama campaign now.

  23. Racists!

  24. However it may seem, let’s not forget they’re illegal and breaking our immigration laws.

  25. I seen that in the show lock up of woman they gve birth next to the correction officer horrible.

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