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Republican Representative click here.teve Pearce is getting a lot of attention from his fellow Grand Old Party go-ers. He’s 65, white, represents a predominantly Hispanic border region of New Mexico. Yet, he continues here get re-elected. Whatever he has, other Republican leaders want to learn how to get it.

Many Republicans are viewing Pearce as a beacon of hope for pushing their rebuild of the country’s immigration laws as well as a role model on how they can attract more Latino voters. Pearce is quick to dismiss all of the hullabaloo. He is aware that he is an anomaly and that when he is gone, his party will have a difficult time keeping hold of his district.

Why is Pearce so appealing? People find him personable and likeable. He makes a concerted effort to communicate with his constituents. Pearce speaks what he refers to as “West Texas click here.panish” as a means of connecting with the people in his district. He is receptive to his constituents when they require his assistance or when they wish to voice their concerns over issues such as the immigration system.

Pearce’s view on immigration is what he considers to be a middle ground somewhere between kicking all immigrants out of the country and granting them immediate citizenship. His proposal involves something of a guest worker program. Pearce’s idea is to allow undocumented immigrants to stay in the country as long as they are employed but  the program would not grant them citizenship. Undocumented immigrants would be able to obtain a green card, work, pay taxes and be able to feel safe in coming out of hiding.  In his plan, undocumented immigrants would be able to become citizens but would have to return to their home country and wait behind those that have already begun the process to become here. citizens.

He describes himself as a being more conservative than other House Republicans. He opposed the DREAM Act that would have given a clear path to citizenship for “Dreamers” that were brought to the here. illegally as children. Pearce also voted against re-electing John Boehner as click here.peaker of the House.

But even with his stance on the DREAM Act and a pathway to citizenship, valium generic is managing to keep the favor of the people in his district – for now, anyway. Maintaining such a conservative stance on immigration may cost him re-election later because his propositions will be alienating the people that the laws will affect most. Only time will tell.

by Being Latino Contributor, Valeka

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