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Four more years… Now what?

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For those of you maybe living under a rock, news flash: President Obama has been reelected by the American people. Now what?

As a supporter of the president, my initial urge is to gloat and rub the win in my conservative friends’ faces. But Obama didn’t win by a landslide, the House didn’t change hands, and the country is still as divided as ever on social and economic issues.

When Obama won in ’08, America celebrated too hard and quickly tuned out. We thought we’d put Jesus in the White House and that he would bind the nation’s wounds with twitch of his nose — and hopefully turn all water into wine while he was at it. What happened next, almost predictably, is that Obama and the Dems met with a conservative backlash to the progressive surge of ’08, and with Obama voters tuned out, the president and his party left on the defensive. Thus, 2010.

If progressives don’t want history to repeat itself, we must skip the touchdown dance and keep government’s feet to the fire by remaining informed and involved.

We’ve given Obama four more years to continue the change he promised us we could achieve four years ago — America said “Yes We Can,” not “Yes He Can” — but we must uphold our end of the deal. After all, the president is only one man. There are 54 Democrats controlling the Senate — 56 if you count the two independents voting with the Dems — but, as of Wednesday morning, 191 Democrats form a minority in the House of Representatives.

This means that the success or failure of the president and the Congress’s ability to come together on a bipartisan basis to pass legislation will depend on the active participation of the American people. We must continue to apply pressure on our government in order to ensure that the representatives we elect govern for us and not against us.

It’s November 7, and nothing has changed in Washington. Unless we want four more years like the last four, with all the partisan bickering and obstruction, then the American people must take an active role in reining in government and putting it to work for us.

It’s your move, America.

About Adriana Villavicencio

Dr. Adriana Villavicencio is the youngest child of Ecuadorian immigrants. She has moved 29 times in her life, taking her on a journey from California to Bangalore, India, and New York City, where she recently earned a Ph.D. in Education Leadership and works as a Research Associate at New York University. An avid traveler, Adriana has collected experiences in four different continents and 16 different countries. But as a former high school English teacher, some of her fondest memories are those of her brilliant and brilliantly funny students in Brooklyn and Oakland. Adriana has contributed to several publications including the Daily News and, and is a managing editor for the Journal of Equity in Education. She earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in English Education at Columbia University, and currently serves on the board of Columbia’s Latino Alumni Association (LAACU). She enjoys scary movies with red vines, Sauvignon Blanc, and her Maltese dog, Napoleon.

To learn more about Adriana’s education consulting company, please visit

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and should not be understood to be shared by Being Latino, Inc.


  1. Shut up…and enjoy the ride…!

  2. breath! just happy we live in a free world!

  3. Good article Hector…unbiased and informed. As a Mitt Romney supporter I was disappointed my candidate didn’t win. However I am extremely proud that the Latino turnout was a postive one. Regradles of which party we affiliate with, we we heard and we are hear to stay. Hopefully the President can hold of on his ideologies and make a consertive effort to reach across party lines and get this country back on track. No excuses now. He was giving the mandate in ’08. He is not heneriting Bush’s mess anymore. It is all on him now. Let’s see where he takes us…Thank you.

  4. “We’ve given Obama four more years to continue the change he promised us we could achieve four years ago — America said “Yes We Can,” not “Yes He Can” — but we must uphold our end of the deal”

    Citizenry need to mobilize and not rely on one man to do it all. This is true.

  5. Wonderfully stated Azucar Morena. And happy to see that Jose Rios liked your statement, too. We all must do our part as well as we the people are the government partnering with our elected officials.

  6. Drop everything right now and look up your congressional reps’ and senators’ phone numbers…. Be ready to call them weekly to voice your concerns, state your vision, call them to account for their voting and ask, beg, demand they take on unpopular but necessary initiatives… Tell them we are all watching them and keeping tabs! Get a group together and make appointments in Washington… Call your nearest journalist and media outlet (including Being Latino) and enlist their help and advice… Don’t treat lobbying as a dirty word, it’s just a description of active involved citizenship… Don’t wait for elections to make your voice heard…. Go on, drop that cafe con leche and get going, there’s much at stake!

  7. QOTD: Puerto Rico wants to be the 51st State.. Will the @GOP HOUSE will allow it? or will they further dig their own grave?

  8. I did that for many yrs and got the ear of high officials with amazing ease… Including defense and security folks… You don’t know till you try, how far your voice can go…

  9. Great Written Article!!

  10. Great article!! I agree.

  11. Agree…

  12. Let’s not forget what our great leader told us years ago:”ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can you for your country”- JFK. One of the remarkable statement ever said.

  13. Lets contribute. United.

  14. Is this vote really about “we

  15. James Laguana says:

    I voted for Mitt Romney because of family values,I am a catholic and an American combat Veteran that valued freedom highly.I originated from the Island of Guam and my grandparents and parents are always telling us that when you finish your high school join the military to give thanks to the American Families that had sons, daughters,fathers and mothers , brothers and sisters that fought on the Island of Guam liberating us from the Japanese from 1941 to 1944. That was 68 years ago I believe in America and not big government also that we had to feed ourselves off the land we planted, not handouts from the government.Thank you for allowing me to share thoughts. Guam is a U.S.Territory located in the Pacific part of Asia.

  16. James Laguana says:

    Guam was discovered by Magellan in the year 1521 and at some time the Spanish ruled Guam, we have last names that are of Spanish and our food are similiar in some ways due to the Spanish influence even some of the words we speak. We are known as Chamorros. thanks I just thought I let you in on our little history.

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