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Iran reaches Latin America with latest export: Hispan TV

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s saber-rattling authoritarian president, announced on Tuesday the inauguration of his country’s newest television channel, Hispan TV, which will broadcast a variety of programming in Spanish 24 hours a day.

The President’s announcement comes on the heels of his four-nation tour of Latin America in mid-January, which rolled through the leftist countries of Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador.

With Hispan TV, the Iranian government plans to reach millions of Spanish-speakers worldwide and break the hold on such people by, what Ahmadinejad termed, “dominance seekers.”

Given that Iranian television already broadcasts in five languages, the launch of Hispan TV isn’t so peculiar, since Spanish is the second-most natively-spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. Still, Iran’s attempts to enter the homes of Latin America via satellite will only further rile leaders in Washington, who already accuse the Iranians of targeting Latin America as region for terrorist training and recruitment.

At a ceremony held in Tehran on Tuesday, President Ahmadinejad ended his speech by brandishing his Spanish skills: “Viva la Paz! Viva el Pueblo! Viva América Latina!”

Read more at The Guardian.

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