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Romney’s possible road to victory (with Latino support)

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With the primary results of Super Tuesday propelling former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney into a comfortable lead in the race for the Republican nomination, it is becoming increasingly clear that he will carry the torch in the race against the Democratic incumbent, President Barack Obama. However, Romney still has problems convincing enough social conservatives to cast their ballots for him.

Since 423 delegates out of 1,144 are needed to win the GOP nomination, and since his nearest competitor, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, has won 169 delegates, there is no question that this race is becoming a race for second place, thus forcing Romney’s hand in selecting the runner-up as his running mate to avoid a convention disaster between the GOP establishment and conservatives.

As of now, conservatives have to choose between Santorum and former Speaker Newt Gingrich, who trails behind with 118 delegates. And with the Southern primaries coming into full swing in the next few weeks, we may very well see a momentum shift from Santorum to Gingrich, but only if Gingrich can continue raising funds well into June.

For Latino conservatives in particular, the choice of deciding whether to cast their vote for Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Texas Congressman Ron Paul will be monumental, given that Hispanics as a whole are now the nation’s largest minority group. Hispanic conservatives make up over one-third of the Hispanic vote in general elections.

A look into the recent past provides clues as to the gravitational force of the Hispanic vote. In the 2000 presidential race, then-Texas Governor George W. Bush carried 35 percent of the Hispanic vote, and increased that margin by 10 percentage points in 2004 against Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, according to political strategist Dick Morris.

Al Cardenas, chairman of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which held its annual conference last month, stated, “Our nation is seeing a growing number of Hispanic conservative voices, and more Hispanic conservative leaders are being elected.”

Truer words were never spoken.

By guest contributor, Lee Anthony Nieves, a former political aide to both New York City Mayors Rudolph W. Giuliani and Michael R. Bloomberg. A conservative-libertarian and a screenwriter, Mr. Nieves currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two young daughters.

About Adriana Villavicencio

Dr. Adriana Villavicencio is the youngest child of Ecuadorian immigrants. She has moved 29 times in her life, taking her on a journey from California to Bangalore, India, and New York City, where she recently earned a Ph.D. in Education Leadership and works as a Research Associate at New York University. An avid traveler, Adriana has collected experiences in four different continents and 16 different countries. But as a former high school English teacher, some of her fondest memories are those of her brilliant and brilliantly funny students in Brooklyn and Oakland. Adriana has contributed to several publications including the Daily News and, and is a managing editor for the Journal of Equity in Education. She earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in English Education at Columbia University, and currently serves on the board of Columbia’s Latino Alumni Association (LAACU). She enjoys scary movies with red vines, Sauvignon Blanc, and her Maltese dog, Napoleon.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and should not be understood to be shared by Being Latino, Inc.


  1. noooooooooooooooooooo!

  2. sadly they will. more big business and corruption. the past 12 years has gotten worse and it seems like it doesnt matter what party is in office the same polices are being enforced. makes you wonder whos really in charge and why both parties and the media dislike a person like Ron Paul, he must have something if the entire industry is scared of you

  3. Ron Paul 2012

  4. no not me!!!

  5. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! Latino conservative here

  6. Who cares? They’re traitors anyway.

  7. Hell NO!

  8. Great article but sadly Americans have been spiritually sodomized in exchange for a few trinkets and entitlements, especially Latinos who the Democrat party treats like naive children that react favorably to blaming whites for their problems and all that “si se puede” horse wash. Obama will most likely win, and Latinos will continue to vote for the socialist side thus making them more ignorant than ever and aborting their unborn in record numbers…right under their very noses as they are being taken advantage of.

  9. Traitors! Do they think we got to where we are right because of Rebulicans!?

  10. Helll noooo Obama All the way.

  11. Nooo

  12. To see how republicans treat Latinos is shameful from Arizona to the rest of the US. And to see Hispanics (Latinos should apply to non-conservative) sell out their own is pitiful. Palate Mi Genre!!!!!

  13. im not voting for romney and i dont know any latino who is .i will vote for obama-in my opinion, he is the lesser of two evils.

  14. Not this Latina….

  15. Ron Paul 2012

  16. NOOOOO! The GOP does not have Latino’s best interest in mind. They rather see you stay down then move up! #latinosstepup

  17. @Mario, every minority has been taking advantage of. What we do as Hispanics to better our future is up to us. We can settle and live our lives and be left alone, but one day we will be the majority and we need strong leadership in our government that will have our best interest in mind. The GOP still thinks and treats us like we have no voice and they know we will one day and they are scared.

  18. Anglo-American politics is slowly fading away…

  19. Sorry but I do not feel Romney will do anything for the Latinos after and IF elected.

  20. Mario believes that we are all so naive. Hopefully, may the grace of Mario will lead us from our depth of our blind ignorance. He must have gone to the best schools in America where they didn’t teach him the struggle of our people. His motto is sorry about your luck and please stop blaming the white man for your problems.

  21. Profile picture of Andrew Breitbart speaks loudly about a person’s opinions regarding American politics.. The image of hate.

  22. No, Mitt Romney is a traitor. Theres no other words to describe him. He wasted federal funds from other departments like the Dept. of Education to fund the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Mitt Romney will probably be the “John Mc Cain” of the Republican party. Republicans always whine and complain about big government, meanwhile our defense budget is bigger than all of the modern nations, combined and our Education System and other really important budgets that should have been prioritized remains pitifully bad. That should tell you something about them..

  23. Mitt will only care about the Latino Vote when he’s already won the Republican Primary. Until then he’ll continue to talk down on Immigration reform. Catering to those on the far right that believe we are the problem.

  24. For sure u see what happened to Florida. He won!!!

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