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Cuomo advocates for immigration reform

Advocacy for immigration reform continues, this time coming from Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  He stated all of the positive attributes of the issue, and also spoke about those who are trying to stop President Obama’s progress, calling them the “very loud and powerful” voice in D.C. Cuomo said that New York has immigrants Read More

Deportation will cost the U.S. Trillions

According to a recent study, it could cost more to deport undocumented immigrants than allow the people to remain in the United States. The American Action Forum has addressed the U.S. government’s concern with a twist in statistics and financial data. How could it be that 11.2 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. could cost Read More

Unaccompanied minors need attorneys

Remember last summer when the media was in a frenzy over the sky rocketing number of unaccompanied children crossing over to the United States? In July of 2014, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice created the priority dockets, in other words it is a system that allows unaccompanied children to be processed through the court Read More

HiIlary Clinton and the Latino Vote

We’re seeing many changes and opportunities for change in the upcoming 2016 elections for president, both in gender and ethnicity. The potential candidate for the 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton is set to name the first Latina Chief of Staff to her campaign team for the White House. A name that Clinton plans to have Read More

Law vs executive order: Jeb Bush speaks

President Obama has addressed the nation on several executive orders permitting millions of undocumented immigrants that are currently living in the U.S. the chance to remain in the country without fear of being deported. The Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programs Read More

The risky business of hiring undocumented workers

Munir Ahmad Chaudary and his wife Rhonda R. Bridge purposefully hired undocumented immigrants to work for them and removed their documented employees. They wanted to keep money for themselves. It is indeed an unlawful act and a deed of greediness. It’s sad that these hotel owners took advantage of the undocumented workers in such manner and treated their former Read More

Police Officers required to learn Spanish in Mississippi

Should officers be required to learn basic Spanish in order to continue employment and better assist the Latino population? Police Chief Lee Vance in Jackson, Mississippi has scheduled Spanish class and in-service training four times a year, two hours at a time. The classes are designed to introduce particular commands of the Spanish language for Read More

Obama versus Hanen on immigration

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen, has delivered a deferred act towards President Obama action programs. Hanen has delayed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the Deferred Action for Parental Arrivals.  These two acts allow immigrants the opportunity to avoid deportation for three renewable years.  Hanen’s standpoint on the two is that the U.S. government does Read More

Myths about Immigration

The topic of immigration is back in mainstream media once again due to a Texas judge’s decision last Monday to put a temporary block on the Executive order set by the Obama administration last year. Mainstream media always seems to know how to rile up viewers by broadcasting or posting certain information on TV and Read More

Immigration Reform for all immigrants

  It seems every other American is in an uproar over President Obama’s executive action to finally get the ball rolling on immigration reform.  Under this action, millions of immigrants will be allowed to stay in the United States.  However, this applies to more than just Latinos.  People often make the mistake of always correlating the Read More