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Food stamps tienen importancia?

Immigrants are not alone facing the food stamp issue, residents of New York who were once immigrants a while back ago understand that at any moment food stamp benefits can be taken away. Another struggle holding people back from the benefits are “many are reluctant to take advantage of food stamps because of stigma, language Read More

Michelle Obama calls Latinos to action on education

In an impassioned speech at the annual convention of the League of United Latin American Citizens, Michelle Obama affirmed what many studies have consistently shown over the years; ambitions are not translating into degrees. Her speech, was a startling call to action for Latinos to nurture the thirst for knowledge in Latino students. While Latinos Read More

Jerry Brown and Latinos

Jerry Brown , the current governor of California, has opened doors that some may deem impossible for immigrants who reside in the state . He has allowed immigrants to obtain drivers licenses, apply for scholarships, and has given them the right to study law. Jerry Brown has accepted that the Latino population will continue to Read More

Should DREAMers be stripped of protections

As immigration reform continues to gain momentum in the political landscape, legislators and congressmen, both in favor or against reform, are seeking alternatives to the undocumented immigrant influx in the United States. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is especially against the protections offered by President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Read More

Texas prepares for border surge

According to immigration officials on the Texas border, there is a surge in illegal immigration coming to the U.S. Because of this, Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed a plan to spend an extra $1.3 million each week, which includes more border patrol agents and measures to ensure children involved in these cases have a Read More

Immigration and Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Latinos have had a long history through her work as a First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State. Now that she is looking at a bid to run for the U.S. presidency, her opinions and promises are critical to winning the Latino vote. It is no secret that Latinos are key Read More

Diane Guerrero and her parent’s deportation

Many actors use personal experience to channel the character they’re portraying. This was no different for Colombian-American Diane Guerrero, the feisty Martiza on Netflix’s hit show, “Orange is the New Black”. Being a prisoner on the show and away from her family, Diane related to Maritza in a way that brought back memories of her Read More

John Leguizamo calls Latinos “The Fuel of this Country”

In a recent sit down interview with HuffPost Live, Actor/Comedian John Leguizamo reveals why he believes Latinos are “key to building a viable economy in the United States”. During the interview, host Ricky Camilleri asks Leguizamo about his thoughts on House majority leader Eric Cantor’s surprise loss. Now if you’re not familiar with what happened to Read More

Has immigration become a political smokescreen

If you follow politics you know that immigration is one of the biggest topics discussed.  But how important is immigration to us as a people? Very! One out of five Latinos has a family member or a close friend that is directly affected by their immigration status.  When our loved ones are facing deportation or Read More

Will joining the military be a ‘dream’ come true for undocumented immigrants

A topic of hot debate continued this week, as the Pentagon is considering whether or not immigrants who arrived in the U.S. illegally as children should be allowed to serve in the military. The “Enlist Act” legislation would allow for undocumented people, brought here as children prior to 2011, to not only serve in the Read More